Robert Downey Jr. To Play Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. Sean is on vacation, so I guess it’s my job to pick up the slack on the superhero movie news for a day or two. As i’m sure many of you have heard, the role of Iron Man has finally been officially filled. All of the Tom Cruise haters out there can breath a collective sigh of relief because it looks like Jon Favreau has chosen Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Starks. Interesting choice I suppose. Although it seems weird to me because earlier this summer Favreau stated that this film would not get into Starks alcoholism, focusing mainly on the creation of the Iron Man suit and the hero himself. This totally seems like a wasted opportunity, seeing as Downey Jr. has spent a great deal of time in rehab and could really bring that ‘method actor’ reality to Iron Man and his inner demons. I just hope there’s no musical segments with Tony Starks lip synching Elton John songs. What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Lame or awesome?

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  • Awesome, only if they get the mustache right.

    You’re right, it would be unwise to avoid the alcoholism with Downey Jr. on board. I wanna see him puke in the suit.

  • That would be great. Iron Man doubled over, making heaving noises in the suit. Then suddenly barf drizzling out of his mouth grill.

  • Chopper

    i think that its an interesting choice to have downey as a superhero. it might work. the only question is, is iron man a strong enough character to have his own movie. look at Daredevil, that bombed.

  • I’m not thrilled about this move but if Downey was ever going to do a superhero movie, this is it. I’m a little more excited about this project but not by much. The entire thing just doesn’t appeal to me all that much. Especially if they’ve taken out the alcoholism which was one of the best parts of the entire thing!

  • Henrik

    I’m excited about this because it seems to be getting the A-level treatment. They hired Matty Libataique(sp?) as cinematographer who I love. He’s a remarkable talent and a great choice. The movie will look both classy and innovative.

    I haven’t seen anything Jon Favreau has done, but he’ll probably stick to the storyboards and get the job done. If the suit looks good, this movie will be worth watching.

  • Phil

    Iron Man doesn’t have very good villains, but the “gleaming hero on the outside / depressed alcoholic inside” is enough to make this movie memorable.

    Remember, Iron Man is like a star athlete in the comics. He’s the flagship of Stark Industries, and people really celebrate him. He’s like the Space Program, represented in one person.

    Plus — and I think this is a common thread here — I want to see him drunk in the suit, causing damage by accident.

    (ie: There’s an emergency, and Stark is sitting in his office, drinking his 4th martini or whatever. Still, he decides to go. He’s shooting all crooked, flying in spirals, hitting lampposts, etc. He lets bad guys escape, and the last shot is him being sick in the suit.

    Next morning, make a joke of him spraying the inside with Febreeze ha ha

    I just HOPE they go with a realistic suit, and not one that you can tell is CGI.

  • I love Robert Downey Jr. He’s an awesome actor and he’s pretty hot too.