Kazakhstan Government To Combat Borat With Movie About Nomads

It’s no secret that the government of Kazakhstan is more than a little bit annoyed at Sacha Baron Cohen’s portrayal of their country through the guise of his alter ego Borat and the upcoming feature film Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. In fact, Kazakhstan president Nursultan Nazarbayev wants to discuss the matter with George W. Bush when the two leaders meet in the coming weeks. This seems a little odd to me considering that Cohen is actually British, but hey, what do I know about politics?

This week it was also announced that Kazakhstan will be funding a movie of their own in order to help overcome the stereotypes. If they were smart, they would have made a comedy about a dumb American going around Kazakhstan and pissing people off with his ignorance. But instead they have decided to make a movie called Nomads, “about the struggle of Kazakh tribes to expel Mongol invaders”. And this is going to dispel the stereotypes, how? I guess, to be fair, it will help showcase the true history and culture of their country. The amazing thing is that the movie will have a $40 million budget, the most expensive movie ever made in Kazakhstan! That’s quite the P.R. campaign. Personally I think it would have been more cost effective if they just used recycled footage from Star Wars.

(Incidentally, if you’re interested in seeing the true Kazakhstan, check out Ewan McGregor’s reality series The Long Way Round, where he takes a motorcycle trip around the world with his buddy Charley Boorman. It’s an awesome show… I’ll be writing a review of the DVD at some point in the near future.)

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  • That’s HILARIOUS! I totally agree that the best way to combat this would be to make a joke out of it but I guess that would be hoping for too much…

    I’m curious as to who’s going to direct this…

  • Chopper

    i am still up in the air about going to see this flick. i mean the guy is funny in small doses, so an hour and half of this guy. i dont know if it will get tiresome after awhile or not. so i dont know if i will go or wait for dvd.

  • Dinara

    I respect free western media, but what really confusing – is that you really like to copy someone’s ideas. Production of Nomad started in 2003, long before Borat caused much alarm in Astana. Granted, you’re repeating what The Times reported, but Timothy Halpin is a lazy hack for not bothering to check out the movie’s IMDB page to see that his assertion is utter bunk.

  • Dinara

    Sorry I forgot to give a reference on “Production of Nomad … check out the movie’s IMDB page to see that his assertion is utter bunk.” – it was someone’s comment on link between Borat and Kazakh’s movie.

  • tim cope

    You are very wrong in making the assumption that this nomad film was made to combat the Borat movie. The nomad film production has been going on long before Borat made any moves to irritate Nazarbaev’s government. In fact it was the opposite- Borat’s release coincided with the release of Nomads as a way of being more ironic, and more importantly so that it would earn more money. Having lived in Kazakhstan for considerable time, I believe that the mistake that Kazakhstan made was in reacting at all to the MTV music awards controversy. I enjoy the comedy of borat and appreciate the way it exposes our predjudices and ignorance in the west, but this film has now no doubt had a negative effect on Kazakhstan. Just the other day I was giving an interview about Kazakhstan but the radio personality took the mickey out of my description of Kazakh culture and history, and at the end of my interview played an audio recording from Borat. In context, Borat is hilarious, but when it is used to overshadow any opportunity to ecducate westerners about the real kazakhstan, then the film has defeated itself,. This is the real disgrace, and this is not to blame on Borat, but the media itself.

    Tim Cope

  • jaemyung kim

    i am an asian student who is studying at one of the american university and i actually have a dozen of kazakhstan friends here.
    Borat and american people are junks….
    they don’t even think about other countries’ history at all. and American fats think as if other nations are less worth than usa. What do you actually knows about the mobie nomads? do you know even what it means?
    I think the writer of the piece of junk above is jerk. you don’t even look up what it really is about? All you can do is mumbling about what hollywood made?