Download Film Junk Podcast for Sept. 24th, 2006

This week on Film Junk it’s a celebration of gross out humour and shocking stunts as we attempt to get philosophical about Jackass Number Two. We also list off our top 5 movies that were better when we were kids, discuss Spaceballs: The Animated Series and Disney’s next movie based on a ride, and trash a few recent movie trailers. Don’t be a wuss, download this week’s podcast now… but don’t forget your barf bag!

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  • thesnowleopard

    First time listener to your podcast. Overall, I enjoyed it very much. Don’t quite understand your praise for a film like Jackass 2, though.

    I think the trailer for 300 is awful, particularly the music. Why use such modern music for a film set in 480BC? It looks like a video game.

    My favorite movie that was better when I was a kid? The Seventh Sign, with Demi Moore. Back in ’88 I thought it rocked. Now I see it for the crappy B-movie it always was.

  • Henrik

    thesnowleopard it’s a good podcast. It has a geeky charm and it actually offers a, albeit extremely limited, intelligent-ish debate about movies.