Jungle Cruise: Disney’s Next Movie Based on a Ride

Back in 2003 when Disney decided to develop a movie based on the Disneyland amusement park ride Pirates of the Caribbean, film critics and moviegoers alike snickered and questioned just how low the Mouse House had sunk. But I think it’s safe to say that Disney had the last laugh there, as the film spawned a massive franchise that just broke the $1 billion mark with its first sequel. On the other hand, the Eddie Murphy film The Haunted Mansion, released the same year and also based on a Disneyland attraction, fared considerably worse at the box office.

Still, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Disney now thinks that movies based on theme park rides may very well be the future of cinema! They are prepping a new feature film based on Jungle Cruise, one of the 22 original Disneyland attractions installed for its grand opening in 1955. The ride itself features a small riverboat winding through exotic jungle locales and showcasing real wildlife, while the movie will reportedly revolve around a group of people trekking through the jungle in order to find a cure for a friend who has fallen ill. Al Gough and Miles Millar (Smallville) are in negotiations to write the script. While normally I would probably say this sounds like the stupidest idea in the world, I think I’ll call it right now… $1.3 billion worldwide! What do you think?

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  • I think this has disaser written all over it. Pirates, I say, was a bit of a fluke and I’m not sure they can really pull it off again. I’ll admit there’s plenty of room there to create a good story but I’m just not sure it’ll happen.

  • Huh? The ride does not showcase “real” wildlife in anyway. ;-)

  • Oh… right.

  • Chopper

    i think that its safe to say that this is going to stink like shit. i mean pirates at something to work with, this jungle cruise, well the ride sucked from what i remember and i cant really see a movie from it. whats next, Its A Small World!

  • jules

    Hey Disney,
    Cast Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom as the Jungle Cruise Tour Guides and you’ll have ANOTHER billion in your pockets! Savy!
    Aye…the 8th wonder of the world….the back side of water!! Or was it the back side of Will Turners arse???