James Mangold To Remake Murderball

You gotta love what directing an Oscar-winning film can do for your career. Take James Mangold, for example. The guy behind such movies as Cop Land, Girl, Interrupted, and Identity now suddenly finds himself holding a lot more clout with studios eager for another surefire hit. (Never mind the fact that it was actually Reese Witherspoon who won the Oscar for Walk The Line.) There’s been some talk about Mangold’s upcoming remake of the 1957 western 3:10 to Yuma which will star Russell Crowe and Christian Bale. Sony initially cut it loose, but then Lionsgate decided to pick it up. And now another project is materializing for Mangold… a drama based on the documentary Murderball.

It certainly won’t be the first documentary to get turned into a drama (Werner Herzog just finished adapting one of his own documentaries with Rescue Dawn, for example), but I have to say I really hate this idea. We chose Murderball as one of our top 10 movies of last year, and it is probably one of the most accessible documentaries I’ve ever seen. A fictional remake is not needed, and in fact, will probably only make the story seem cheesy and cliched. To make things worse, there have been rumours that Eminem is interested in playing Mark Zupan! The reason Mangold is taking on this project, it seems, is because he is close with Murderball co-director Henry Alex Rubin. But I would think that redoing such a great documentary as a drama would be one of the worst disservices you could do to its creators!

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  • I haven’t seen this documentary yet but the mere fact that Eminem is interested is enough to turn me off.

  • Henrik

    I missed this on the copenhagen kids festival, but I’ll get around to seeing it eventually.

    I can’t believe they would make a drama out of it though. Where is the audience? Just leave it be, you’re not going to make money off a dramatizized version.

  • Chopper

    the murderball doc was awesome, its a really cool story and the coolest part is in the bonus features when murderball meets the guys of Jackass.
    i dont see why they would have to remake this, just leave it as it is.