Steve Irwin – dead at age 44

Steve Irwin 1962-2006Steve Irwin, conservationist and host of the popular television show “The Crocodile Hunter” (as well as the 2002 film of same name), died Monday at the age of 44 off the Great Barrier Reef. While shooting a new documentary he was stung by a stingray, which by most accounts is usually very painful but rarely actually fatal. It’s barbed tail pierced his chest and put a hole in his heart. There was a time during the peak of his show’s popularity where his death at the hand of one of these creatures seemed inevitable, however over the years it basically sunk it that this guy might seem crazy, but either knew exactly what he was doing or was the luckiest person in the world, or both. Steve Irwin will always be remembered for his enthusiasm. He is survived by his wife Terri and his children Bindi Sue and Bob.

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  • Wow, I am shocked. It’s true what you say about his seemingly inevitable death from his career choice, but to actually now have it happen… holy shit.

  • Henrik

    Somebody get Werner Herzog on the phone and ask what he thinks of this.

  • Henrik

    Btw. Nice pic. Cats are awesome.

  • wolf

    Very shocking. You wouldn’t think a stingray of all things could take down a man who took down chocs for a living. And even though he lived a dangrous life it was hard to imgaine what he did for a living would kill him.

  • Really…..fuck…..I mean of all the other times he could have died, he dies in one of the most obscure ways. I mean, what are the chances that a 10″ spike gets him in the heart through his ribs?

    Ah well, like the spiritual community would say, it was his time. God called him up to Heaven, where he’ll run the zoo (hopefully one that has the dinosaurs).


  • Wow… it’s a sad day. But someone should definitely make a documentary about this guy.

  • Jay C., you up for a trip to Austrailia?

  • Sean, yeah it is kinda “Grizzly Man II” in many ways.

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  • yeah i agree with baychuk, what are the chances? you probably have a higher statistical chance to get struck by lightning.

    i guess when it’s your time, it’s your time.

  • Henrik

    The related posts on never disappoints!

  • hahaha. the related posts do rock.

  • Chopper


  • I think you mean “Crikey!”