Orlando Bloom Says No Thanks To Knight Rider Movie

A few months back there came news that a Knight Rider movie is currently in the works, with K.I.T.T.’s driver’s seat being suspiciously unfilled at the time of the announcement. It’s looking like original star David Hasselhoff will likely be involved, however, they are also seeking another hip, young actor to play the son of Michael Knight. Well wouldn’t you know it, an offer was already made to hunky Orlando Bloom, who surprisingly turned up his nose at the prospect. In a recent interview with IESB, he had this to say:

“[Hasselhoff] heard I was a fan of the old show and said, ‘We’re doing the movie version and I’d love you to play my son in it.’ I replied, ‘Er, well, that sounds great, but you’d need to speak to my manager.’… I used to watch when I was eight but I didn’t like it anymore than any other series.”

TOTAL BURN. The funny thing is, if they just wait another year or two until the Pirates of the Caribbean series finishes up, Bloom will probably be dying for someone to offer him work. I wonder who will get the offer next… Justin Long maybe? Knight Rider will be based on a screenplay by series creator Glen A. Larson, and contrary to popular belief, it will not be a Starsky & Hutch style parody.

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  • WOW. That IS a bit of a burn for that project. However, I completely agree that he may be begging folks for work in a year or so. As for possible replacements, I think Long would be a great candidate and I’d even dare to suggest Kieran Culkin as a possibility.

  • Actually, even one of the boys from “The Covenant” would probably fit the bill. They’re all good looking boys. Not sure if any of them have talent (that remains to be seen) but I’m guessing that’s not really what they’re looking for in this flick.

  • Chopper

    well Bloom is a wanker first off. i agree that Justin Long could hit the bill. and if they dont want to do the son, i think that Ben Stiller would be funny in it. Starsky and Hutch anyone.

    as for this Covenant flick, HUGE thumbs down from me, i mean, is this not a ripoff of The Lost Boys. one of the greatest flicks every.

  • After Pirates wraps up, I don’t know how hard Orlando will be hunting for gigs. He can afford to be selective for the rest of his life.

    Considering the ridiculous amounts of money made on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the high likelyhood that Orlando is getting a decent piece of the backend, he’s probably got more money than he’ll ever know what the do with.

    Or course, MC Hammer also once had more money that he could ever know what to do with…

  • Shiroki