Another Reason to Ban Cell Phones in Movie Theatres?

Earlier this year there was a lot of debate about whether or not cell phones should be allowed into movie theatres. Considering all the annoyances that can come from watching a movie in a public place, many theatre owners were wisely seeking ways to cut down on these frustrations to ensure the quality of the theatre-going experience. It only makes sense… after all, it’s so easy for people to watch movies at home nowadays, you had better make sure there aren’t any distractions when they decide to go to a theatre.

Well now it seems there may be yet another argument for banning cell phones in a movie theatre, and it’s a problem that can’t be solved with high-tech signal blocking paint. Cell phone video cameras can be used to record bootleg footage from a movie, and although current cell phones lack the storage space and the image quality to capture a full movie, the MPAA is starting to take notice. A guy in Taiwan is facing hard time after recording only a few minutes of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift onto his cell phone. While the MPAA is probably just making an example of the poor guy, the message is clear… recording a clip from a movie on your cell phone is indeed considered piracy. I personally have no problem with cell phones being banned outright, but it’s going to be a tough call because the younger generations are pretty damn attached to their personal electronics. Take away their right to text message, and you’ve just given them another reason to skip movies altogether. How do you feel about cell phones in movie theatres?

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  • Chopper

    well i am glad to say that i dont have a cell phone and i dont really need one. unless i was travelling the highway alot i would get one for emergencies, but other than that there really is no need for them. i really hate when you see these little girls in the malls talking on them and the person they are talking to is right next to them. i think that parents for sure should tighten up and stop giving little suzie and tommy the usuage of cells.
    as for cell phone cameras in the theatre, well just how good of qualitity are the movies that they are recording. you have people getting up and taking a piss or people chatting up during the film so i dont see the big deal on it.

  • Ok. Ok. I’ll try to keep it brief. I no longer have a home phone. My phone is my cell. When I go to the theater, I turn it off. Isn’t one of the reasons we go to the movies to relax and unwind? WTF do you need to check your messages for? Can’t wait 90 mins? I have serious issues with people and cell phones in theatres. I don’t care if all you’re doing is sending a text message. Every time you press anything or flip open the phone, it lights up. In a dark theatre, that’s gonna be seen by everyone around you. Nothing pisses me off more than someone bringing out their phones during a movie. Almost every movie I’ve been to recently, I’ve had to ask someone around me to put it away. During “The Illusionist”, I had to ask the guy 3 times and finally I told him to turn it the f*ck off. It helped that the guy next to him was also getting pissed.

    So what do I think about phones in theatres? I think every theater should use some sort of blocker that turns the phone off when you walk in. There’s no need for talking on the phone during a movie and this has to be one of the most distracting things since laser pointers.

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