Transformers Movie Script Review

Normally I wouldn’t be wasting my time reading through a movie script that was leaked online, much less post about it, but I just couldn’t resist this one. It appears that the shooting script for the upcoming Transformers live action movie has leaked, and although some might question the authenticity, it certainly seems to fit with everything we know up to this point. It contains only the characters that were released in last week’s press conference (well, except for one additional surprise “boombox”). It also coincides with a write-up that Latino Review posted a few months ago, and features some of the scenes that were previously rumoured a few months back (such as the ridiculous iPod transforming scene). It was written by John Rogers… that’s right, the same guy who wrote Catwoman and The Core. Are you getting worried yet?

All I have to say is that I’m pretty much convinced now that this movie will be one huge joke. I know it’s just a script and I know a lot can change, but I am trying to picture this movie in my head and I can’t see anyone taking it seriously. There’s a huge focus on the human characters… it’s one of those stories where the unsuspecting characters get pulled into the secret world of the Transformers. The problem is, no one will care about these throwaway human teenagers and a Chihuahua named Mojo. There’s a lot of cliches, horrible dialogue and laughable attempts to make it dramatic. How does it make any sense that Bumblebee is a used Camaro that a father buys for his son?

There are way too many references to the internet and modern technology (E-bay, webcams, etc.), not to mention citations to specific songs on the soundtrack that are going to be pretty cheesy if they are actually used. I won’t spoil plot details for anyone else, but let me just say that some of your favourite Transformers may die. Are you prepared for that kind of emotional intensity? This script, combined with the terrible character designs that have been posted recently, are making me more and more unimpressed with this project. I love the Transformers, but I really believe they would have been a lot better served if they were left in our memories instead of on the big screen.

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  • hmmmm. . . yeah I don’t have high hopes for the live action movie. I am pretty optimistic for Spiderman 3 though that one looks like they know what they are doing.

  • Well, the script writer isn’t exactly stellar but I’m not sure this is going to be as bad as you’re siggesting. I have no doubt that it’s not going to be an academy award winner but regardless of what we thing or say, I think this is going to be a huge box office success. Good thing I’m not all that familiar with Transformers otherwise, I might be getting pretty angry at these most recent developments.