The First Documentary Blog Podcast Now Online

Gates of HeavenI just wanted to give all of you die-hard Filmjunk readers a heads up on the very first Documentary Blog Podcast available RIGHT NOW at The Documentary Blog! Myself (Jay) and my good friend and special guest Doug Nagy sat down to discuss Errol Morris’ classic film Gates of Heaven. Here’s a synopsis…

Funny, inspiring, and bizarre, “Gates of Heaven” is the celebrated pet cemeteries documentary that is in reality an unorthodox look at life. Inspired by an article entitled “450 Dead Pets Going to Napa Valley,” Errol Morris set out to capture the event which centered around the transport of hundreds of animal remains from one pet cemetery to another. Pet cemetery proprietors, embalmers, pet owners and others speak about life, work, and feelings.

So head on over to The Documentary Blog and have a listen to what me and Doug had to say about Gates of Heaven!

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  • Chopper

    ive seen Gates of Heaven and i thought that it was a crazy doc. there were some slow parts in it, but overall i liked it.

  • Henrik

    Go listen and comment on the site instead of here.

    It rules.