Pilot Episode of NBC’s Heroes Leaks Online

A lot of TV networks have been looking to duplicate the runaway success of ABC’s sci-fi/mystery/drama Lost, and after last year’s crop of alien-oriented shows failed to drum up much interest, some are going for a new approach. NBC in particular has high hopes for a show called Heroes, so high in fact that they’ve already been advertising for the thing all summer, and at Comic Con they even screened the pilot to generate some buzz. That very pilot episode has now leaked online, and while it’s unclear if it was done on purpose, it seems like a good way to get some early grassroots fan support. I just watched the episode last night and I have to say, the show looks promising. I had my doubts about a realistic drama involving people who develop super powers, and although it feels a bit like an X-Men ripoff, the writing, acting and special effects were top notch. Heroes is created by Tim Kring (Crossing Jordan). For more info, a trailer and behind the scenes clips, visit NBC’s official Heroes site. And if you are so inclined, click below to find where you can download the pilot episode (available while supplies last).

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  • Chopper

    this show looks really interesting, i am definitely going to give it a try. tv today is really crappy. hopefully this show will be as interesting as Lost was when it got going.

  • Goon

    i’m halfway through it, borderline on shutting it off…

    TV drama’s like this are pretty boring to me

  • Some of it was pretty typical stuff but I guess a lot depends on where they go from here. I’m going to give it a shot.

    Of course, the problem is that if every network starts coming up with these big epic serialied dramas, no one’s going to be able to follow them all. Prison Break is another one I am still planning to watch at some point. Then there’s Battlestar Galactica, Lost, and whatever HBO shows are currently on the go… too much damn TV.

  • Rick

    I want to watch Heroes, but can’t find the pilot anywhere, so I guess I won’t watch it. NBC advertised that the pilot would be on Itunes, but it’s not. NBC seems to know how to alienate an audience.

  • Well, you could always watch it on TV. Crazy idea, I know!!

    I’m sure it’s up on torrent sites too.

  • I found Heroes videos on this site:


    It’s a Heroes fanboy site.

  • tessa

    ok i dont know what these people are talking about but i love this show its so exciting,every eposoid suprises me,which is a good thing,i have always liked shows like heros,windfall,24,and lost,there all really good.so basicly nbc is giving us these great shows so stop complaining all u have to do is sit on ur butt and watch them so stop being downers gosh if ur going to effing complain just dont watch the show its not that hard!!! instead of giving nbc ur piddy about how u dont like there shows(stupid people) HEROS ROCKS!!!!!!!!for the people who like it like me!!

  • Julian

    heroes is awesome! the cast ist perfect and the effects are better than charmed.