Full Details for the Christopher Reeves Superman Collection on DVD

A lot of Superman fans have been waiting for the official announcement of the long-rumoured 14-disc Superman box set. Well it came just a few short days ago, and it looks like 14 discs might have been a bit of an exagerration. The main box set will be the Christopher Reeve Superman Collection, an 8-disc set that includes a new Superman: The Movie 4-disc Special Edition, Superman II 2-disc Special Edition, and single disc Deluxe Editions of Superman III and IV. The Superman Special Edition will include the 1978 theatrical version, plus a new expanded edition of the movie, 3 documentaries, a 1951 Movie starring George Reeves, and 9 Fleischer Studios cartoons (the Superman II SE will also include 8 Famous Studios Superman cartoons). In addition to all of this stuff, Warners will also be releasing a separate Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut DVD, featuring over 15 minutes of restored footage including a new beginning and end. Phew. Well I’m glad the Donner Cut will be available separately since that’s all I’m really interested in here. Perhaps the 14-disc set will be saved for when they add Superman Returns to the mix? All of the aforementioned DVDs will hit stores on November 28th.

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  • Chopper

    i loved the first superman and the second one was good as well, the 3rd and 4th were crap. i just dont see getting 4 disc for one movie, i mean how much crap can you put on 4 discs.