MSNBC Reports Pirates Beating Aquaman At Box Office… Wait, What?

If you’re not yet sick of hearing about HBO’s sneaky marketing department playing along with the fictional world of Entourage, you’ll be interested to know that the fake Aquaman ad they placed in Variety a few weeks ago apparently confused someone other than just James Cameron’s unhip friends. This week on MSNBC, correspondent Joe Kernan erroneously reported that Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest had surpassed the $120 million mark previously set by Aquaman. Teehee! You can watch a clip of the report over on YouTube now. I’m recommending that they fire some fact checkers over at MSNBC pronto.

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  • Chopper

    just goes to show that the media cant get their facts straight.

  • Henrik

    Shit that’s awesome.

    Journalism school in america must be a breeze…You can get a job on TV and the only source you would have to use is Variety ads…

    Sad, but awesome.