HBO Takes Out Fake Aquaman Ad In Variety, Entourage Fans Snicker

I suppose this may be considered spoiler material for anyone who hasn’t seen the first couple of episodes of the new season of HBO’s Entourage. So umm… if you haven’t seen it, avert your eyes! Now! In a cool display of creative marketing, a couple weeks ago HBO took out a mock ad in Variety promoting James Cameron’s Aquaman movie (the movie that is being produced within the fictional world of the TV show). Up and coming Hollywood actor Vinnie Chase (played by Adrian Grenier) stars in the fake blockbuster, which on the show dethrones Spider-Man as the all-time box office king. Entourage often features real Hollywood celebrities playing themselves, and it’s neat to see HBO continuing to blur the lines between fiction and reality. Apparently it’s got more than a few people confused; Cameron claims he’s been receiving congratulatory phone calls from acquaintances wondering why they hadn’t heard anything about the movie until now. Damn I love a good hoax (just as long as I’m in on it, that is).

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