Fishing With Tom Episode 5 Now Online

Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Tomas Bajuk did not in fact die in a horrific fishing accident last month, and we’re here to prove it to you. Get ready for the long overdue 5th episode of the podcast that teaches you more about life than high school ever did: Fishing With Tom! This week we cast out our line and see what lurks in the deep waters, discussing such broad topics as how to handle an impending asteroid disaster, whether or not red blood cells in India are actually aliens, the most humane and inhumane ways to die, and how to deal with bullying. Get enlightened… download this week’s episode of Fishing With Tom via the link below.

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  • Henrik

    Did the show stop or…?

  • Tom, you want to field that one?

  • Henrik, you actually listened to it?

  • Henrik

    Yes. It was very nice and soothing.

  • Soothing? Ya right! Unless it put you to sleep. :D

  • Henrik

    I enjoyed it. I wouldn’t dare fall asleep to it though, too many horrifying subjects discussed.

    Joke aside, stuff like the alien blood cells falling from the sky or whatever it was, I don’t get to hear anywhere else.

  • That was a weird one for sure. Too bad “discussed” news can’t be followed up on to see if any of us were correct in our theories.

  • Henrik

    So you gave up on it?

  • Let us say I’ve lost my inspiration to continue.

  • A creative disagreement. Tom wouldn’t continue if we wouldn’t use a Genesis song for the opening theme.

  • Its not because of the theme song which I did suggest to change to something more “me”. I expected the idea to be turned down, so I’m not overly troubled by it.

  • I’m just kidding. I suppose the Genesis song could’ve worked.

  • Just for the record and to clear the air: I just needed to step away and reassess things in my life at the time. I was suggesting the intro, because I thought it may have kept me going with it, but honestly I was just bummed at the time with the work situation and that stuff.

    It was at that time that joining the forces was a good way for me to snap back to “reality”. I need a change in direction and be able to take control once again. I needed to have an actual purpose and be able to discover the real me and what I want and need from life. Its nice to feel useful and to be able to contribute my strong points in a career setting. Thankfully things are on the right track now.

    So, officially I apologize to Sean and Jay, for any inconveniences or misunderstandings I may have caused. It wasn’t a personal vendetta against anyone, or Film Junk, just something I had to deal with on my own.

    I’m glad to back actually and looking forward to continuing contributing to this fine establishment. :)

    2008 should be a banner year!

  • Its okay tom, we all love ya

  • Hey, i just figured its about to be the 2 year anniversary of the last episode of FWT, you guys better do something special or i’ll do it for you. :)

  • Another FWT…..Gotta get some live fishing action in there….tis the season!

  • Alex R. Cronk-Young

    So maybe an episode 6 coming?