Ebaumsworld Manipulates Animator to Settle Controversy

It’s no secret that on the Internet content tends to be stolen without consent all the time. But very few people make the living that Eric Bauman, owner of Ebaumsworld.com does by making his site THE major hub on the Internet for funny pictures, games and flash animations. Whether its from SomethingAwful, YTMND, or individual phenomenons, Bauman has made a killing through his unethical theft, and the cherry on the cake is the Ebaums watermark, lack of credit to the works’ authors, and refusal to remove stolen content even after authors contact them requesting its removal (which they claim to do in their policy). It was no surprise that once again Bauman was up to his old tricks. In early June, this animation appeared on AlbinoBlacksheep (with permission) , and a day later… magically appears on Ebaumsworld, and has been a featured item on the front page since. Action was threatened against Ebaum, and after much controversy, Ebaumsworld finally paid its author, Alan Becker, 250 dollars and entered it into a flash “contest” (where it “won” another thousand dollars). Becker explains to AlbinoBlacksheep in his own words that he simply needed the money and caved. Understandable, if disappointing to those who have had their content stolen for years hoping this would be the lawsuit to break Bauman.
But it doesn’t end there. In exchange for the money, Ebaum demanded Becker approve a quote that Ebaumsworld themselves had prepared which was then manipulated to imply that Ebaum had permission to post the flash animation BEFORE all this controversy even began, and that other sites (such as AlbinoBlacksheep) did not even do that. As is further explained on AlbinoBlacksheep, the 17 year old Alan Becker claims Bauman only offered money after Becker threatened a lawsuit, and that after seeing the mangled quote, he has been trying to return the money offered, which Bauman is now refusing.
I am disgusted for many reasons. Mainly, Ebaumsworld.com makes a quarter of a million dollars each month, and operates from a mansion worth over $850,000, yet can only squeeze out $1250 dollars for it’s most popular front page content, when it even pays at all? There are many other sites on the Internet that compile photos, videos and flash animations (such as Newgrounds) which properly credit their users and employ staff which will act on copyright complaints, and do not claim other peoples work as their own content as Ebaums does. To this day, most people assume such Internet phenomenons such as the GI Joe parodies and Peanut Butter Jelly Time (which is featured in Ebaums on favicon) originate there. I speak only for myself on this topic, there are others on this site who have linked and/or mentioned enjoying this site. but urge once again people consider other places for their viral videos than the lying, unethical cheapskates at Ebaumsworld. See the link below for more information on Ebaums habitual theft, as well as the “Controversy” section of its Wikipedia article.

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