Ending of The Break Up Changed Due To Public Outcry

Let me start by saying that while I really haven’t expressed a ton of enthusiasm for the upcoming movie The Break Up, it is the first romantic comedy I might actually consider seeing in a long time, if for only one reason: Vince Vaughn. Oh sure, there’s also the whole thing about him re-teaming with buddy Jon Favreau again, but really, the main selling point for me is simply that Vince Vaughn can make even the cheesiest, most painfully typical movie concept potentially hilarious. This week The New York Post (via Cinematical) reports that the movie recently underwent extensive reshoots… to add more snakes!!! Okay, no, actually what happened is they had to completely rework the ending of the movie because test audiences expressed a strong resentment to the fact that Jennifer Aniston’s character never gets back together with her ex. The reasoning was that after Aniston’s very public break up with Brad Pitt, test audiences feel sorry for her and think she deserves a “happy” ending instead. Uh, wait a minute people… this is a MOVIE, not real life, remember? Does anyone else find this completely ludicrous? Who knows whether or not this will dramatically alter the quality of the movie, but the fact that the studio decided to bow to public perception of a celebrity’s personal life is… well, smart, I suppose. But it’s also pretty damn wack.

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  • James

    I hate happy endings.

  • Me too. Although when you think about it, who’s to say the ending with them remaining broken up wasn’t happy?

    For all we know, people might have just thought Jennifer Aniston deserves to be with a guy at the end of the movie, even though her character in the movie actually came to terms with the relationship being over. Seems pretty lame to change it after the fact.

  • Chopper

    definitely going to see it for vinnie vaughn and jon faverau, also little ralphie from the xmas story peter billingsley is in it as well.

  • peter billingsley is attatched to pretty much every project faverau does, whether it be in front or behind the camera. he’s even a producer on dinner for five.

  • Chopper

    billingsley also produced Made and made a cameo in Elf.

  • Goon

    i watched this today. you know, i actually kinda liked this movie. it wasnt pandering, it was rarely funny but did have a few moments and not in a wacky rom/com way thankfully. i dont see why people shat all over it other than maybe it depressed people who are insecure about their current or past relationships maybe?

    that said, the alternate ending on the DVD is much better. the main part is not all that different other than that we see both Vaughn and Aniston are with new people, however the real reason its better is the Tone Rangers show up at the end and with the guy thats also in the shitty Mac/PC ads and they sing “rainbow connection” a cappalla.
    if they had left it in it would have been one of the better movie endings i’d seen in a while, really the musical ending was really bittersweet. i gayed out for it.

    i’d give it 3/4, 3.5/4 if they had left in the original ending.

  • Goon


    in fact, i put it on savefile for others to hear. love John Michael Higgins.

  • angelina

    I was a part of a 3rd alternate ending in which they didi get back together and the entire ending was scrapped… I feel this ending was happier, romantic, and beat both endings that are on vthe DVD, and the stupid art fair ending in which I was apart of also… the ending I am talking about is one where he swoons her back and it is at a function benefit / charity ball… the two other endings are nothing I feel this one should have been chosen.

  • angelina

    no not actual ending which was dumb and boring and not rainbow connection art fair ending but there was ANOTHER, which there is no record of we were called back as extras to do it 8 months later and i feel it was better. he cames to a CHARITY BALL AND BEGGED HER BACK AND THEY KISSED AND MADE UP AND IT WAS A HAPPY ENDING WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT?? ON THE EDITING FLOOR??

  • AWRY92

    I LOVED the fact that they actually didn’t end up together at least in the version I watched, HAPPY ENDINGS SUCK!!!