Fishing With Tom Episode 3 Now Online

It’s been a bit of a long haul if you’ve been waiting for the next episode of Fishing With Tom, but if you’re into fishing at all you should know that patience is the key to success. We have finally recorded and posted episode #3 of this completely random, off-beat and essential podcast, complete with all kinds of life advice to help make you the person you always wished you could be. This time around we sit down with Tom to examine the ethics of fishing, discuss techniques for performing emergency brain surgery, learn about his spooky encounters with a musical ghost, figure out how to stage a prison break, and debate the odds of winning the lottery versus winning an Olympic gold medal. Download the MP3 and get hooked on the wacky internet talk show that’s sweeping the nation. Until next time, let it lay and wait for the prey…

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  • Goon

    this has become a very good podcast very quick.

  • Define your version of “very good”, Goon. ;)

  • By the way, nice picture, Sean, who is that, Dean Rojas?

  • Goon

    its very listenable, its slightly like ‘drunk talk’ subjects, but sober and taken half seriously/half joking, mostly intentionally funny but occasionally unintentional. overall it just works for me.

  • Haha I don’t know, I stole it from

  • Wow…Elite Series rookie Steve Kennedy is looking forward to Lake Guntersville.

    Man,Pro-Bass fishing is so unpredicatable. You never know who’s gonna show up and kick (B)ass!

  • Now the question is…would anyone be interested in a fishing with tom videocast?

  • Maybe for the 10th show…but we’ll go out fishing for it.

  • theman

    Best line was “but she didn’t hear anything good did she?”

  • Bas

    Any chance of putting up the ghostly jam-session?