Introducing “Fishing With Tom”: The Podcast

In our quest to bring superior entertainment to the people of planet Earth, we have come to the realization that we should really just give the people more of what they want. And clearly, what they want is Mr. Tomas Bajuk. Fishing With Tom is a new podcast that we are kicking off this week, something a little different from Space Junk Radio… and in fact, it actually has nothing to do with fishing. The format of the show involves us sitting down with our good friend Tom to take on some of life’s great mysteries by telling personal stories and pondering the hows and whys, rather than the whos and whats. In this first episode we tackle such hot topics as death in the media, the best way to rescue people in a collapsed mountain, the right thing to do upon discovering a dead body, and when it is right to take the law into your own hands. Look for more episodes in the future, hopefully on a weekly basis. (For podcast junkies, an RSS feed will be coming soon.) Download the premiere episode of Fishing With Tom via the link below!

» Related Link: Fishing With Tom Podcast: Episode 1 (MP3, 11 MB)

  • Good job on the edits. I can’t even recall the stuff you cut out. Considering the day I had that day, I was surprisingly energenic. T’was fun!

    I liked the outro music for sure, BUT we’d need to stay away from the SPACE JUNK podcast and more into “nature” or “outdoorsy” type sound effects like loons, crickets and campfire stuff…. which would related to the whole fishing theme, if you thats what you want.

    If you need weekly pictures to go with each future podcast, let me know so I can send something up, especially if there is common theme that day to be representive.

  • Chopper

    Fishing with Tom, is a great name for the show, unfortuniately (sp?), i dont have access to a computer at home, so i cant enjoy this show. i am sure that it will great. good luck tom.