Trailer For Pixies Documentary “loudQUIETloud” Online

Although the film portion of the SXSW Music Festival has grown to include more than just music-related movies, one of the more anticipated films premiering at this year’s fest is a documentary about legendary rock group The Pixies and their decision to reunite and go on tour in 2004, 11 years after breaking up. The movie is called loudQUIETloud (a tongue-in-cheek reference to their patented formula for songwriting, it would seem) and is directed by Steven Cantor (producer of the documentary Devil’s Playground) and Matthew Galkin (producer of the HBO series Family Bonds). A trailer has now popped up online, and although it’s only in Flash format, it still gives a pretty good indication of what to expect. Will the movie tear down the mystique behind this weird and wonderful band? Or will it simply put a human face on these well-respected musicians? Check out the trailer now at the link below.

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  • Chopper aka Mikie

    nevermind with The Pixies, what about the new Type O Negative live DVD, come on sean review something good on here for once. hehehe!!!!

  • I will DEFINITELY look into that Type O Negative live DVD!

  • Chopper

    ohhhhhhhh i know you will sean-o, or i might have to hurt someone. maybe you should get me to do it. you will never be the same once you get into the world of Type O Negative. hahaha!!!

  • thanks for the info!