Patrick Swayze Goes Hip Hop

I often wonder how some of these ridiculous rumours that you read on various blogs across the net actually get started. Here’s a weird one about Patrick Swayze that actually seems to have been initiated by the man himself. Reportedly he wants to make his presence felt in the music world once again (refer to Dirty Dancing circa 1987 for the last time he had a hit single), but this time he feels confident he can make the jump to hip hop. He says he has been experimenting with “rap rhythms as an emotional undercurrent for ballads”. (Uh… you mean R&B?) also brings up the point that Swayze’s name has been used as slang in rap albums for years; the term has become synonymous with “disappear” or “leaving”. (Urban Dictionary backs them up on that one.) Anyways, more on this burgeoning rap career as it develops… I’m Swayze.

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  • Chopper aka Mikie

    is there really anything positive to say about this at all. i am getting really tired of actors wanting to be singers and singers wanting to be actors. i mean pick one and go with it. we dont need mr. dirty dancing throwing out some crazy ass rhymes thank you very much. just go and make roadhouse 2!