The Junkyard: News and Link Dump for Dec. 5, 2005

It’s time once again to purge our bowels here at Space Junk with another random installment of The Junkyard. With a little luck, you might find something worthwhile below. Thanks to Chian for his in-depth research to unearth many of these “gems”.

» “Dangerous Ji-san”: A Japanese Poo-Themed Game for the DS
» Official Website For Poseidon Adventure Remake
» Weird E-Bay Auctions
» Large Collection of Potato Chip Reviews
» Viral Ad For Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
» What is Love? Star Trek: TNG Style
» Half-Life 2: The Arcade Game
» Seth McFarlane’s Student Film “Life of Larry Pilot”
» 5th Graders Re-Enact Devo’s “Whip It”
» Search For A Song By Humming It
» Ebert Disses Video Games