The Junkyard: News and Link Dump for Sep. 15, 2005

Some random stuff for you to chew on. Expect plenty of video game news this weekend from the Tokyo Game Show…

» X-Box 360 To Launch on Nov. 22
» “In A Single Bound”: A Documentary About The History of Superman
» A Walken-tastic Clip From John Turturro’s “Romance & Cigarettes”
» Sony Recalling Power Cords On Slim Playstation 2
» Trailer For Upcoming Horror Flick “Venom”
» A Bunch of Old Talking Heads Videos
» Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 2 DVD Announcement
» Final Fantasy IV Remake Coming To GBA
» He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special Coming To DVD
» Bring Back Futurama!
» Mark Mothersbaugh’s “Beautiful Mutants” Art Gallery Tour