The Junkyard: News and Link Dump for Aug. 15, 2005

Back by popular demand (not really), it’s another installment of The Junkyard! More random clickage to brighten your day and clean out my bookmarks. There’s something here for everyone…

» Christopher Walken For Presidency 2008 (Thanks Goon!)
» Survivor Guatemala castaways announced
» Ducktales and Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers are coming to DVD on Nov. 8th
» The iPod Flea (Hey, I’d buy one)
» Ringers: Lord of the Fans doc picked up by Sony
» A Pavement jazz album? (Thanks Zak!)
» The True Strangeness of the Universe (An Errol Morris aborted project)
» Download lots of political documentaries for free
» Download the New Amsterdams lost EP “Killed or Cured”
» Learn how to install Linux on your iPod
» River City Rumble: A River City Ransom fan film
» Game Over: Metal covers of Nintendo themes (with really bad lyrics)
» Sopranos final season to be extended by 8 episodes
» Trippy official site for Darren Aronofsky’s new movie “The Fountain”
» The 2005 World Stupidity Award winners