The Junkyard: News and Link Dump for July 20, 2005

I’ve collected a lot of weird little odds and ends over the past few weeks that I never got a chance to post about. So I thought I would start doing what a lot of other blogs seem to do… dump them all into a single post. Enjoy.

» EA delays the Godfather game until 2006
» Nickelodeon and Paramount are developing a computer animated Smurfs feature film
» Arrested Development Season 2 DVD will hit stores on October 11th
» The Arcade Fire bought a church in Quebec
» George Lucas rumoured to be a client for the next season of The Apprentice
» The latest and coolest in body mods — forehead inflation!
» Helium Boob… bigger breasts, weigh less
» Tenacious D movie teaser site launches with webisode “The Hell O’Clock News”
» The Bees video for “Chicken Payback” features some killer DDR moves
» Scene from A Few Good Men animated with Half-Life 2 engine