LucasFan Games Creates Maniac Mansion Deluxe

Over the years I have heard about many projects involving unofficial remakes and sequels to classic Lucasarts adventure games from the past. There are a lot of people out there who still have a soft spot for these point and click games (including me) and with the game industry completely shunning the genre it has been up to these fans to keep them alive. Anyways, most of these projects never seem to see the light of day, but I was pleasantly surprised to hear about this completed “modern” remake of Maniac Mansion, which is probably still my favourite game of all-time. The fine folks at LucasFans have redeveloped the game using Adventure Game Studio and not only have they made it playable for current day PCs but they have also added some new content to the game just for fun. For instance, the broken staircase in the library can now be fixed, revealing a new room. Sweet! The game is so well done that even the original creators of Maniac Mansion have e-mailed to give it their blessing. LucasFan games have also created a sequel to Zak McKracken, so check them out if you have fond memories of these and other Lucasart games.

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  • boob

    this is a gay website

  • Sean

    Yes, did it turn up during your Google search for gay porn? Sorry about that.

  • joe t

    maniac mansion. dude its so old, yet so worthy. i remember just trying to beat it. i wasnt smart enough at my young age. maybe now i can finish the job.

  • Dekin

    After trying all options I could think of, I can’t seem to get the staircase fixed….Any suggestions or clues? Also, it seems as though only the pool water will make the man-eating plant grow and nothingt else. Am I correct??