d.b.s. – Some Boys Got It Most Men Don’t

d.b.s. – Some Boys Got It, Most Men Don’t
(New Disorder)

These guys have come a long way since their days of wearing matching striped t-shirts. d.b.s. are no longer a simple three-chord pop-punk band, and they are no longer 14 years old. Some Boys Got It, Most Men Don’t is their fifth full length release, and I would argue their strongest yet.

To say they have matured is a bit of a cop out. They have been changing and evolving with every record, and now I think it’s safe to say they have found their niche. On this album, they have clearly been influenced by a lot of the emo and hardcore bands on Jade Tree Records, such as Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, and The Promise Ring. Some of the songs are more artsy and poetic, while others are just as angry and political as ever. All are emotional, and all are intense.

At first listen it is painfully obvious that they are trying really hard to achieve the “emo” sound, with the whiny vocals, the discordant guitar, and the mellow to aggressive transitions. But they have managed to keep it sounding like d.b.s. Their music has a raw, sloppy sound that has almost become their trademark. They are slowly blossoming into one of Canada’s finest punk bands, and this cd is highly recommended. — Sean

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