Jack Black Working on Untitled Bourne Parody

Looks like Jack Black will be re-teaming with the writers of this summer’s surprise hit (and currently the sixth highest grossing movie of 2008), Kung Fu Panda. Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger are writing a live-action comedy that will supposedly skewer the Bourne series, albeit somewhat indirectly. Black will star and also produce.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “the story sees Black as an American who finds himself washed up the shores of Cuba with no idea of who he is and how he got there”. He assumes that he is a superspy, although that ends up being quite far from the truth.

Aibel had this to say: “For our next live-action project, we knew we wanted to work with either a panda or Jack. Luckily, Endeavor repped Jack. We also figured that if we could write for Jack as a panda, we could write for him as a human.” Funny. Seriously though, I think this project has a lot of potential, as long as they don’t try to stick too closely to parodying direct scenes a la Superhero Movie, and as long as they don’t forget to write actual jokes a la Disaster Movie. Thoughts?

Bollywood Shuts Down Indefinitely as Workers Go on Strike

It has often been thought that India’s movie industry is wildly different from the American movie industry, but in reality, Bollywood and Hollywood have a lot of things in common. Clearly they both have an influence on each other, and this week it seems that Bollywood is experiencing a situation similar to what happened in Hollywood last year, only on a larger scale. Over 100,000 movie and television workers went out on strike in India today, as a protest to irregular wages and the failure of producers to follow an agreement that was signed a year and a half ago. All shoots have been shut down for the time being while talks continue to resolve the situation.

India produces about 1,000 films a year, which means that there’s really no time to lose. It’s unclear how long the strike may continue for, but longer than 3 or 4 days “will be a big problem”, and this time of year is typically when they see the most movie ticket sales. Employees are asking studios to set better standards for working hours, better wages, and to avoid hiring non-union workers. They certainly sound like reasonable demands, so let’s hope that studios come to their senses soon.

Alicia Keys and Jack White’s Quantum of Solace Bond Theme Music Video

The theme song for the upcoming James Bond movie Quantum of Solace has been streaming online for a while now, so there’s a good chance you may have already heard it… but have you seen the music video? The song is a collaboration between Alicia Keys and Jack White and I kinda dig it. I agree that it’s a bit more stripped down than your typical Bond theme, but what do you expect with Jack White involved? At least it’s better than that Chris Cornell crap! (Okay I actually liked that one too.) Check out the video for “Another Way To Die” below and let us know what you think.

Top 10 Movies About the Porn Industry

Ahhh porn. Lifeblood of the internet, sustainer of the sexually frustrated masses, giver of both abnormally large breasts and Two Girls One Cup. Yes, whether you love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that porn is big business. Which is why it’s no surprise that Hollywood has whole-heartedly embraced the world of XXX (and no we ain’t talking about Vin Diesel). Over the years there have been numerous mainstream films which explore the seamy underbelly of silicon and sex: from P.T. Anderson’s legendary Boogie Nights to Kevin Smith’s upcoming Zack and Miri Make a Porno. And it seems that Hollywood is showing no signs of slowing down when it comes to its fascination with porn. So close the curtains, grab your three-pronged Swedish vibrator and a pop open a fresh tube of KY as Film Junk Presents…


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Colore Non Vedenti – Video Diary #2: ‘Barf Attack’

This post was taken from the Colore Non Vedenti Production Blog.

Sunday night we shot our first semi action scene. The set up is as follows: Our hero, Jack, is attacked by a waitress outside of a diner. She’s under some sort of mind control and ends up struggling with him in the cab of his work van. Eventually, she barfs on him. Plain and simple.

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Men in Black 3 in Development?

When you’ve got a blockbuster franchise on your hands, you don’t usually stop after only two installments. At the very least, you find a way to make a part 3 happen and see the trilogy through — no matter the cost! With that in mind, a lot of people have been wondering over the past few years whatever happened to the Men in Black franchise, which seemingly stopped dead in its tracks after the second movie. Sure, Men in Black II didn’t get great reviews, but it still made $440 million worldwide. There were rumours back in 2005 that it was likely to happen soon, but here we are in 2008 and we’re still no closer to a Men in Black 3. What’s the deal?

Well, according to a recent article in celebrity rag Parade Magazine, all the major players are still interested in doing it. A source close to producer Walter Parkes says: “The challenge is getting the script right and finding a time when our busy stars are available, but everyone, including Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, wants to do another.” Well, it’s not much to go on, but at least we know the project is not dead in the water. I mean, it boggles the mind that someone would have another potential Will Smith blockbuster on their hands and not be actively pursuing it. I actually liked MIB II a lot, so I’d be all for another go at this franchise. So… MIB III? Yay or nay?

This Week on DVD: Iron Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Bigger, Stronger, Faster

This week’s biggest release is most certainly Iron Man, and if you’re thinking about picking it up today, you might want to consider buying it at Best Buy, because they’ve got an exclusive bonus offer: Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. starring The Hoff! Also out this week is the Jason Segal comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall, along with a handful of other Apatow classics on Blu-ray, and one of the year’s best documentaries, Bigger, Stronger, Faster* which offers a fascinating look at the issue of steroids in sports. Also out this week is Alex Gibney’s Academy Award-winning documentary Taxi to the Dark Side, My Name Is Earl: Season 3, and a handful of horror flicks on Blu-ray. What are you picking up?

Iron Man (DVD, Blu-ray)
Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Forgetting Sarah Marshall (DVD, Blu-ray)
Chapter 27
Pulse 2: Afterlife
The Rebel
Soccer Mom
Universal Remote
Yeti: A Love Story
The Man Who Saved Christmas (DVD, Blu-ray)
Salem Witch Trials (DVD, Blu-ray)
Can’t Hardly Wait: 10 Year Reunion Edition (DVD, Blu-ray)
Bigger, Stronger, Faster*
Taxi to the Dark Side
When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions (DVD, Blu-ray)
The Mindscape of Alan Moore
CSNY: Deja Vu
Lou Reed’s Berlin
Lewis Black’s Root of All Evil
My Name Is Earl: Season 3
My Three Sons: The First Season, Volume One
Numb3rs: The Fourth Season
Beauty & The Beast: The Complete Series
The Best of Mr. Bean: Volume 2
The Sixth Sense (Blu-ray)
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) (Blu-ray)
The Thing (Blu-ray)
The 40-Year-Old Virgin (Blu-ray)
Knocked Up (Blu-ray)
Dawn of the Dead (2004) (Blu-ray)
Land of the Dead (Blu-ray)
Daredevil: Director’s Cut (Blu-ray)

Film Junk Podcast Episode #187: Choke and Junk Mail

0:00 – Intro / In-House Stuff
10:32 – Headlines: R.I.P. Paul Newman, Pirates 4 and The Lone Ranger, Russell Crowe in Nottingham
21:48 – What We Watched: Choke, BASEketball, Sons of Anarchy, Aftermath: The World After Humans, Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden?, Dollman, The Emmys, True Blood
44:10 – Junk Mail: Favourite Horror Movies, Laserdiscs, Regretted DVD Purchases, The Staircase, The Fincher Curse, James Cameron, Walter Hill, DeNiro vs Scorsese, French Horror
1:30:00 – Trailer Trash: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, W., The Spirit
1:37:15 – This Week’s DVD Releases
1:38:48 – Outro

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Toronto After Dark Film Festival 2008 Full Line-Up and Schedule Announced

The line-up for this year’s Toronto After Dark Film Festival has now been finalized, and it looks like they’ve selected a pretty versatile roster of soon-to-be cult classics. Among the latest additions to the line-up are the Thomas Jane sci-fi adventure The Mutant Chronicles, 18th century zombie comedy I Sell The Dead starring Ron Perlman and Dominic Monaghan, Sundance hit Donkey Punch, and the vampire office comedy Netherbeast Incorporated starring Judd Nelson, Darrell Hammond, Jason Mewes and Dave Foley!

Jay’s short film The Goblin Man of Norway will screen as part of the International Short Film Showcase Shorts After Dark, on Sunday, Oct 19th at 3:45 pm (all screenings are at the Bloor Cinema). For more info and to view the complete schedule, visit the festival website at www.torontoafterdark.com. Check out the new TAD preview trailer below.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Trailer #2 Starring Brad Pitt in Glorious Quicktime HD

In case you haven’t seen it yet, the second official trailer for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is now online in Quicktime HD. Directed by David Fincher, and starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett, this is a strange little fairy tale about a man who ages backwards. I know there were some negative reports from the footage that was shown at the Telluride Film Festival last month, but it’s pretty hard to second guess it after seeing this new trailer.

The film looks absolutely gorgeous, and it reminds me of a cross between Charlie Kaufman, Tim Burton and Forrest Gump (if that makes any sense). Paramount has supposedly been feuding with Fincher over the long running time, but the story seems deserving of an epic length if you ask me. Can’t wait to see it… this movie is one of many that will hit theatres on Christmas Day.

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Choke Review

Directed by: Clark Gregg
Written by: Clark Gregg, Chuck Palahniuk
Starring: Sam Rockwell, Anjelica Huston, Brad William Henke, Kelly Macdonald

It was David Fincher’s gritty and controversial adaptation of Fight Club that catapulted author Chuck Palahniuk to fame back in 1999 and attracted a legion of followers to his books, but as he continued to write new material, his fans wondered why there weren’t more big screen adaptations on the way. Considering the success of Fight Club, you would think that a ton of studios would have been beating down his door — and they were, for a while. Both Survivor and Invisible Monsters had been optioned at one point, but then 9/11 happened and suddenly stories involving hijacked planes were no longer considered appropriate.

As it turns out, it has taken nine whole years to get another Palahniuk movie off the ground. Somehow first-time director Clark Gregg managed to wrangle the rights to Palahniuk’s fourth book, Choke, and brought it to life with only a fraction of the budget that David Fincher had to work with. How he managed to do it is beyond me, but it’s worth noting that Gregg is not exactly an unknown in Hollywood; he is an actor, familiar to many as Richard from the Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom The New Adventures of Old Christine, although he started this project way before he ever got that gig.

Let’s get one thing straight: Choke is no Fight Club. If you can accept that, it should be more than enough to satisfy fans of Palahniuk’s dark and depraved world. Whether or not it will appeal to the uninitiated is another story, but it’s a decent little indie flick that will probably find a bigger audience when it eventually gets released on DVD.

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Seven Pounds Trailer Starring Will Smith and Rosario Dawson

The trailer for Will Smith’s next movie has leaked online, a project that finds him reteaming with Gabriele Muccino, the director of The Pursuit of Happyness. The plot for Seven Pounds seems kind of mysterious, stating only that Smith plays a guilt-ridden IRS agent who sets out to help seven strangers, and ends up falling in love with a woman who has a heart condition. If you ask me, it looks like the cheesiest Oscar-bait I’ve seen so far this season, but then again, I thought the same thing about The Pursuit of Happyness and a lot of people really dug that flick.

Rosario Dawson and Woody Harrelson co-star. Writer Grant Nieporte’s only previous credits include 8 Simple Rules… for Dating My Teenage Daughter and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I don’t want to hold that against him, but… yeah. Check out the trailer below and see what you think. Seven Pounds hits theatres on Christmas Day.