The Transporter Refueled Trailer


Although Jason Statham apparently has better things to do these days (like starring in Mechanic: Resurrection) the movie series that made him a full-blown action star is moving on without him. The Transporter has already been rebooted once for the small screen, but now it is returning to the big screen again with a brand new star. Ed Skrein (Game of Thrones) plays bad ass courier Frank Martin this time around, but it doesn’t look like a whole lot else has changed. The Transporter Refueled (previously known as The Transporter Legacy) is being directed by Camille Delamarre (Brick Mansions) and hits theatres on June 19th. Will you give this a look despite the lack of Statham? Check out the first trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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Let the Right One In TV Series in Development


You might think that by now the whole vampire craze would be showing signs of dying out in a post-Twilight world, but clearly the fact remains that vampires are eternal. So if you’re still not sick of seeing bloodsuckers on screen, you’re in luck because one of the best vampire flicks in recent years is about to get a new life as a TV series. Tomas Alfredson’s Swedish film Let the Right One In was already remade in the U.S. by Matt Reeves as Let Me In, but now A&E is looking to retell the story again in a serialized format. There’s just one small catch: it’s being set up by the showrunner behind MTV’s Teen Wolf. Hit the jump for more details.

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Insidious: Chapter 3 Trailer #2


With James Wan off directing Furious 7, helming duties for the latest installment in the Insidious franchise have fallen to his long-time collaborator, Leigh Whannell. Whannell has co-written every horror movie that Wan has done with the exception of The Conjuring, so he seems like a decent choice to carry on the series. Granted, this is also his directorial debut, which may or may not be cause for concern. Insidious: Chapter 3 claims to be an origin story and although Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne are not involved, psychic Elise Rainier (played by Lin Shaye) is the main connection to the other films. Dermot Mulroney and Stefanie Scott also star. Will you give this a shot or have you had your fill of Insidious? Insidious: Chapter 3 hits theatres on June 5th; check out the latest trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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Classic Sci-Fi Adaptation The Stars My Destination Gets a Director


After the success of Guardians of the Galaxy last year and as the hype for Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues to build, it appears that some studio execs are anticipating a possible resurgence in space operas and sci-fi films set in outer space. Of course, the relative failure of recent movies like John Carter, Ender’s Game and Jupiter Ascending might speak otherwise, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t potential for another breakout hit here. That could explain why Paramount recently picked up the big screen rights to Alfred Bester’s 1956 SF classic The Stars My Destination (originally published under the title Tiger! Tiger!) which is also hailed as an influential precursor to the cyberpunk genre. The plot synopsis is as follows:

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Pixels Trailer Starring Adam Sandler


Remember that viral video from a few years back that showed 8-bit video game characters wreaking havoc on New York City? Well, believe it or not, that video was optioned by Happy Madison Productions and now it is about to become a Roland Emmerich-style alien invasion movie starring Adam Sandler and Kevin James. Obviously it’s an action-comedy hybrid, but something tells me it isn’t going to be particularly funny or thrilling. But hey, at least they managed to get the rights to several classic arcade games including Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. I should probably be pretty excited about this, but sadly the trailer isn’t doing much for me at all. Pixels is directed by Chris Columbus (Home Alone, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) and hits theatres on July 24th, 2015; check out the first trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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This Week on DVD and Blu-ray: Exodus: Gods and Kings, Top Five, Song of the Sea


Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What better way to celebrate than with Ridley Scott’s middling biblical epic Exodus: Gods and Kings on Baby Blu? Okay, so the more obvious choice would probably be the acclaimed Irish animated film Song of the Sea, which was also nominated for an Academy Award. Other high profile films arriving on DVD and Blu-ray this week include Chris Rock’s Top Five, the Annie remake starring Quvenzhané Wallis and the DreamWorks animated spin-off Penguins of Madagascar. New TV releases include the first season of AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies and noteworthy catalogue Blu-ray titles include Werner Herzog’s Aguirre, The Wrath of God plus a pair of somewhat forgotten film noirs: Orson Welles’ The Lady from Shanghai and Robert Montgomery’s Ride the Pink Horse. What will you be picking up this week? Check out the full list of new releases after the jump.

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Film Junk Podcast Episode #507: Fifty Shades of Grey, Roar and The Jinx


0:00 – Intro
8:00 – Review: Fifty Shades of Grey
42:10 – Review: Roar
57:05 – Headlines: Tim Burton to Direct Live-Action Dumbo Movie
1:04:50 – Other Stuff We Watched: Beetlejuice, Caddyshack 2, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Whiplash, Maps to the Stars, Last Embrace, Housebound, Ghostbusters II, White God, The Jinx
1:46:50 – Junk Mail: Chappie vs. Robocop, Reed’s Final Thought, Nitpicking as Film Criticism
2:04:28 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
2:08:00 – Outro
2:10:10 – Spoiler Discussion: The Jinx

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Martin Scorsese to Direct Mike Tyson Biopic Starring Jamie Foxx?


Jamie Foxx has been talking up the possibility of a Mike Tyson biopic for a few years now, a project that would find him playing the former heavyweight champ throughout the various stages of his life and career using performance capture technology. The movie has seemingly been in development since 2008 (if not earlier), but it wasn’t officially announced until last year when we heard that The Sopranos writer Terence Winter would be penning the script and Martin Scorsese might also be coming on board as an executive producer. Now this month Jamie Foxx is saying that Scorsese will be doing more than just producing… in fact, he might be getting behind the camera himself. During a recent interview on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Jamie Foxx had this to say:

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New on Netflix: Force Majeure, How to Train Your Dragon 2, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


Another Netflix original series, an Oscar-nominated foreign film and a couple of 2014 summer blockbusters are among the most noteworthy arrivals on Netflix Instant this week. Both Canada and the U.S. received the new comedy series The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt starring Ellie Kemper and co-created by Tina Fey, along with the complete runs of both 3rd Rock from the Sun and A Different World. American viewers also get the fifth season of Archer along with Ruben Östlund’s Force Majeure, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn starring Robin Williams and the first four Saw films. In Canada, we get Transformers: Age of Extinction, Chronicle and the 1940 classic The Grapes of Wrath, while both regions get How to Train Your Dragon 2. Will you be adding anything to your queue? Check out the full list of new additions after the jump.

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Kevin Pollak’s Misery Loves Comedy Trailer


No one psychoanalyzes comedians more than comedians themselves and now Kevin Pollak is the latest funnyman to explore the types of personalities that are drawn to making people laugh with his documentary Misery Loves Comedy. Although these kinds of questions have been asked many times before, Pollak does seem to have put together a pretty huge line-up of interview subjects that includes Tom Hanks, Jim Gaffigan, Amy Schumer, Judd Apatow, Larry David and Jimmy Fallon. Whether or not there is truly anything new to be learned here, at the very least there should be some amusing stories and anecdotes from some pretty funny people about their chosen careers. Misery Loves Comedy hits iTunes on April 14th and select theatres on April 24th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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Monday Morning Box Office Report: Cinderella Charms Audiences


Disney has another hit on their hands as Kenneth Branagh’s live-action Cinderella opened to a magical $70 million, one of the best March debuts ever. That’s pretty much the same as what Maleficent made last May, although Cinderella only cost half as much to make. On the other hand, Liam Neeson had a bit of a rough weekend. His latest film Run All Night opened in second place but it made just $11 million, which is less than half of what Non-Stop made last year and less even than the disappointing A Walk Among the Tombstones. Perhaps the movie didn’t have a hook or perhaps moviegoers are finally growing tired of all the action movies he has been pumping out as of late. Meanwhile Kingsman: The Secret Service jumped back up to #3 and Focus fell to #4. Chappie rounded out the top 5, dropping all the way from first to fifth.

1. Cinderella — $70.05M
2. Run All Night — $11.02M
3. Kingsman: The Secret Service — $6.2M
4. Focus — $5.81M
5. Chappie — $5.8M
6. The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel — $5.7M
7. The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water — $4.1M
8. McFarland, USA — $3.69M
9. American Sniper — $2.93M
10. The DUFF — $2.9M

Toy Story 4 Gets a Co-Director, Won’t Be a Continuation of Toy Story 3


When it was first announced that Pixar was working on Toy Story 4, many fans were understandably worried. After all, Toy Story 3 was the perfect conclusion to an amazing trilogy and messing with that could be a big mistake. Fortunately, the people working on the film are at least aware of that fact and seem to have something in mind that will not be directly tied to the previous trilogy. Also, they have decided to give John Lasseter a helping hand by adding a co-director to the mix. Hit the jump for more details.

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