Obsessed & Scientific

The Time Travel Documentary

Is time travel possible? In this fascinating short documentary, director Jay Cheel explores the real-life theories behind the science of time travel and the strange subculture of enthusiasts who are obessed with it. Meet Michio Kaku, world-renowned theoretical physicist and author of the book Hyperspace. Meet Rob Niosi, a hobbyist building his own full-scale home replica of H.G. Wells’ time machine. Meet Larry Haber, the entertainment lawyer representing the family of John Titor, an alleged time traveller from the year 2036. Do these people know something about the world that the rest of us don’t? Obsessed & Scientific is a quirky look at the intersection of science-fact and science-fiction.

Update: Jay has decided to make the entire movie available online for free, and also recorded a series of podcasts about the production of the film for The Documentary Blog. If you still wish to order a copy of Obsessed & Scientific on DVD, you can e-mail Jay for more info.

Watch the entire movie below: