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Although James Gunn was forced to step down as director of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be staying away from comic book movies anytime soon. Earlier this year we heard he was writing Suicide Squad 2 and now over the weekend Sony has unveiled the first trailer for an original James Gunn-produced project called BrightBurn. Directed by David Yarovesky (The Hive) and written by Mark and Brian Gunn (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island), it unofficially reimagines the Superman story from a horror perspective, asking what would happen if an alien kid crash-landed on Earth and grew up to become an extremely powerful malevolent force. Truth be told, I’m not sure how this will be different from the many other evil children horror flicks out there, but the high concept is just unique enough to feel fresh. BrightBurn stars Elizabeth Banks, David Denham and Jackson A. Dunn and it hits theatres on May 24th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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Resident Evil Reboot Gets a Director Thu, 06 Dec 2018 17:01:27 +0000 residentevilreboot

It’s been less than two years since Resident Evil: The Final Chapter hit theatres but, believe it or not, a full blown reboot of the franchise has been in the works for over a year. On the one hand it feels a little too soon to completely reset the series and yet on the other it is easy to see why a fresh new creative direction would be welcome. Last we heard, James Wan had signed on to produce the new movie but it did not sound likely that he would direct. Now this week they have officially announced a director who, much like Wan, comes from a horror background. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

According to Variety, British director Johannes Roberts will direct a new Resident Evil movie for Constantin Film. Roberts is probably best known for the shark thriller 47 Meters Down, which was plucked from VOD purgatory to get a theatrical release after it turned out better than expected. He also recently helmed The Strangers: Prey at Night and The Other Side of the Door.

The reboot will feature a brand new cast but at the moment we still don’t know what kind of approach it might take. Although the previous six films starring Milla Jovovich have done quite well (particularly overseas), fans of the Resident Evil video games have long complained that the movies bear little resemblance to the games. The hiring of Johannes Roberts might be an indication that they will go with less action and more straightforward horror but that might not sell as well to an international audience. Are you interested in a Resident Evil reboot?

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Happy Death Day 2U Trailer Fri, 30 Nov 2018 17:37:44 +0000 happydeathday2u

Christopher Landon’s 2017 film Happy Death Day was a pretty typical Blumhouse hit, turning a decent profit from a minuscule budget. Now just over a year later, Landon’s follow-up is already almost upon us. The original movie took the Groundhog Day time loop concept and applied it to a slasher film premise, and believe it or not, the sequel seemingly pulls the same character right back into that same loop. It almost seems like a joke that they are simply repeating everything again, but at the same, it’s also kind of… clever? That being said, hopefully they add a few new wrinkles as well. Happy Death Day 2U hits theatres on Valentine’s Day; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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Candyman Sequel Gets a Director, Jordan Peele to Produce Wed, 28 Nov 2018 16:05:02 +0000 candyman

Following up on rumours that surfaced a few months ago, it looks like MGM is indeed reviving the Candyman franchise with the help of Jordan Peele. This week they announced that a new movie is in the works and Nia DaCosta (Little Woods) will direct from a script by Peele and his producing partner Win Rosenfeld. They are being careful not to call it a remake or reboot, instead referring to it as a “spiritual sequel” that will return to the Cabrini-Green housing project area of Chicago which has since been demolished and redeveloped. Peele had this to say about the project:

“The original was a landmark film for black representation in the horror genre. Alongside Night of the Living Dead, Candyman was a major inspiration for me as a filmmaker — and to have a bold new talent like Nia at the helm of this project is truly exciting. We are honored to bring the next chapter in the Candyman canon to life and eager to provide new audiences with an entry point to Clive Barker’s legend.”

The original 1992 film was directed by Bernard Rose and is often sited as one of the few great horror films of the ’90s, although it spawned two subpar sequels. Peele seems like the right man to resurrect the series although he is keeping pretty busy these days between his Twilight Zone reboot, upcoming horror film Us, HBO series Lovecraft Country and several other projects. The new Candyman is expected to start filming in the spring and already has a release date of June 12th, 2020. Are you looking forward to the return of Candyman?

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My Best Friend’s Exorcism Movie in the Works Tue, 27 Nov 2018 16:41:34 +0000 mybestfriendsexorcism

If you’re a fan of high concept horror, you may already be familiar with the work of author Grady Hendrix. His novels include Horrorstor, which revolves around a haunted Ikea-esque furniture store, and the recently released We Sold Our Souls, about a metal guitarist who discovers that a former bandmate made a dark deal for ownership of her soul. The former has already been optioned as a TV series by Josh Schwartz, but now this month it has been announced that another Hendrix story, the 2016 book My Best Friend’s Exorcism, is coming to the big screen. Hit the jump for more info.

According to THR, Endeavor Content (Killing Eve) has acquired the film rights to Grady Hendrix’s My Best Friend’s Exorcism. Writer-director Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones) is on board as a producer and is looking to potentially direct it as well. Jenna Lamia (Awkward, 90210) will pen the script with creative input from Hendrix.

My Best Friend’s Exorcism is set in 1988 and is described as “an unholy hybrid of Beaches and The Exorcist.” The plot centers on two friends, Abby and Gretchen, who find their relationship tested “after an evening of skinny-dipping goes disastrously wrong.” It seems like a premise that would appeal to teens as well as an older audience eager for ’80s nostalgia, not unlike say… Stranger Things. Hendrix also wrote the script for an upcoming horror movie called Satanic Panic. Are you interested in a movie adaptation of My Best Friend’s Exorcism?

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FX’s What We Do in the Shadows TV Series Teaser Trailer(s) Thu, 01 Nov 2018 18:48:18 +0000 whatwedo

I suppose it is only fitting that FX decided to offer our first glimpse at the upcoming What We Do in the Shadows TV series on Halloween, unveiling three short promos online yesterday. This is a U.S. adaptation of the vampire mockumentary film written and directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, not to be confused with the New Zealand spin-off series Wellington Paranormal or the upcoming movie sequel We’re Wolves. This particular show follows a group of vampires in Staten Island played by Matt Berry, Natasia Demetriou, Kayvan Novak and Mark Proksch. Clement and Waititi are not expected to appear but they did write and direct the pilot episode and they are also involved as producers. What We Do in the Shadows is expected to premiere sometime in the spring; check out the teaser trailers after the jump and let us know what you think.

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Bird Box Trailer Starring Sandra Bullock Thu, 25 Oct 2018 14:38:29 +0000 birdbox

Just in time for Christmas last year, Netflix released their highest profile movie to date: David Ayer’s Bright. This year they seem to be teeing up the post-apocalyptic movie Bird Box in the same release slot, although it is unclear if they have similar expectations for it. Directed by Susanne Bier (The Night Manager, In a Better World), it takes place in the aftermath of some sort of global catastrophe where what you see can apparently kill you. It definitely feels a bit reminiscent of A Quiet Place, although it is based on a 2014 novel by Josh Malerman. With a script by Eric Heisserer (Arrival), the movie stars Sandra Bullock, Trevante Rhodes, Sarah Paulson, John Malkovich, Jacki Weaver, Lil Rel Howery, Tom Hollander and BD Wong. Bird Box drops on Netflix on Dec. 21st; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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LeBron James to Produce Friday the 13th Reboot Tue, 23 Oct 2018 16:26:02 +0000 f13reboot.jpg

Following the massive success of the latest Halloween this past weekend, it looks like we may be in for a new wave of popular horror reboots. This week we are hearing that a deal is coming together for a brand new Friday the 13th movie (again). Paramount had been trying to get a new installment off the ground for years but last year they quietly cancelled the project. Now the franchise may be changing hands and it sounds like NBA star LeBron James will be one of the unlikely producers. Hit the jump for more info.

According to THR, SpringHill Entertainment and Vertigo Entertainment are in talks to co-produce a new Friday the 13th movie. Vertigo is the company behind the recent It remake, while LeBron James’ SpringHill is working on a handful of projects including a Space Jam sequel. Bloody Disgusting first reported the news and also provided some evidence that LeBron is a huge horror fan.

There is a complication with this potential reboot, however, in that a recent legal ruling found that original Friday the 13th screenwriter Victor Miller can reclaim the rights to the concept 35 years after he granted ownership to producer Sean S. Cunningham. It isn’t entirely clear what that means, partially because an appeal is still expected but also because the character of Jason Voorhees doesn’t appear as a masked killer in the first film. The location Camp Crystal Lake clearly would fall under Miller’s claim. Are you hoping to see a new Friday the 13th movie in the near future?

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Escape Room Trailer Mon, 22 Oct 2018 15:16:32 +0000 ESC_TK_1920x1080_sRGB_D01

Despite the fact that there have already been a few escape room-themed movies to be released in recent years (some of which also use the title “Escape Room”), Sony’s Escape Room is apparently the first one to come from a major studio. Directed by Adam Robitel (Insidious: The Last Key) and based on a script by Bragi F. Schut (Season of the Witch), the story revolves around six strangers who are invited to participate in a highly immersive escape room where the first to escape wins $1 million. There’s just one catch: this particular escape room is so immersive that the threats are very real and potentially deadly. It looks to pull together elements of movies like The Game, Saw and Cube into what I am assuming will be a toned down PG-13 thriller. Escape Room stars Deborah Ann Woll, Tyler Labine and Taylor Russell and it hits theatres on Jan. 4th. Check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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Pet Sematary Remake Trailer Wed, 10 Oct 2018 17:07:57 +0000 pet_sematary

The Stephen King revival continues next year with Paramount’s upcoming remake of Pet Sematary, based on King’s 1983 novel about a family who move to a small town in Maine and discover a nearby cemetery with a disturbing secret. The movie was previously adapted by Mary Lambert in 1989 and although it was a decent box office hit at the time, it also leaves some room for improvement. The new version is directed by Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer (Starry Eyes) and it stars Jason Clarke, John Lithgow and Amy Seimetz. It is unclear if they have anything else planned to set it apart but either way this doesn’t seem quite as likely to repeat the same level of success as the recent It remake. Pet Sematary hits theatres on April 5th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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James Wan to Produce Train to Busan Remake Thu, 27 Sep 2018 18:35:36 +0000 traintobusan

Yeon Sang-ho’s zombie thriller Train to Busan was a box office sensation in South Korea back in 2016 but it also caught on internationally, eventually earning $87 million worldwide. With that in mind, it’s no surprise to hear that a follow-up is in the works with a sequel being officially announced last month. This week, however, we are also hearing that a U.S. remake is on the way and that it has sparked a bidding war between several major studios. Hit the jump for the full scoop.

According to Deadline, The Conjuring director James Wan is currently setting up a remake of the train-based zombie flick Train to Busan through his Atomic Monster production company. Frequent James Wan collaborator Gary Dauberman will write the script, but no director is attached as of yet. Dauberman has penned a string of recent horror hits including Annabelle, Annabelle: Creation, The Nun and Stephen King’s It, but he will reportedly make his directorial debut with the upcoming Annabelle 3.

From what we are hearing, New Line is currently in negotiations to acquire the rights (which makes sense considering Wan has worked with them extensively), but Paramount, Lionsgate and Screen Gems are also interested. The deal is expected to close this week somewhere in the seven-figure range. Considering that the original Train to Busan made only $2 million in the U.S. (theatrically, anyway) it seems like there is a big untapped audience for this movie. Are you interested in seeing an English-language remake of Train to Busan?

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Into the Dark Teaser Trailer: A Monthly Anthology Series from Blumhouse and Hulu Mon, 24 Sep 2018 15:45:52 +0000 intothedark

Earlier this year we heard that Blumhouse was teaming up with Hulu for a unique genre anthology series that would release one episode per month, each one centering on a specific holiday. Now that the first episode is almost upon us, Hulu has released the first trailer for the series. Into the Dark will kick off next month with “The Body”, directed by Paul Davis, about a hitman set in “the selfie culture of Los Angeles on Halloween night.” Following that, they will release a Thanksgiving-themed episode directed by Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry, My Bloody Valentine). The remaining ten episodes still have yet to be announced. Into the Dark premieres on Hulu on Oct. 5th; check out the teaser trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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