WB Developing Horror-Themed Aquaman Spin-Off The Trench


With Aquaman now having earned over $1.1 billion worldwide and still continuing to make money, it is a given that Warner Brothers is looking to immediately start development on a sequel. However, we are hearing that neither James Wan nor Jason Momoa are eager to jump right back into the water, so the studio has been forced to explore some other options in the meantime. The solution they have reportedly come up with is a strange spin-off called The Trench that will revolve around the deadly creatures that inhabit the depths of the Marianas Trench. Hit the jump to find out what else we know.

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Monday Morning Box Office Report: The Lego Movie 2 Wins Despite Disappointing Debut


M. Night Shyamalan’s three-week run at the top of the box office came to an end over the weekend as The Lego Movie 2 easily shattered the competition. That being said, the folks at Warner Brothers are not necessarily celebrating because the sequel opened approximately 50% below the original. The movie earned just $34.4 million which is far below expectations, perhaps indicating that the two spin-off movies have watered down the brand to an extent. In second place, What Women Want had a $19 million start followed by the Liam Neeson thriller Cold Pursuit, which earned $10.8 million — a few million less than The Commuter made last year. The Upside and Glass rounded out the top 5. Meanwhile, the weekend’s other new release, horror flick The Prodigy, was also a minor disappointment after opening in sixth with $6 million.

1. The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part — $34.4M
2. What Men Want — $19M
3. Cold Pursuit — $10.8M
4. The Upside — $7.2M
5. Glass — $6.4M
6. The Prodigy — $6M
7. Green Book — $3.6M
8. Aquaman — $3.3M
9. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse — $3M
10. Miss Bala — $2.7M

Child’s Play Reboot Trailer


Chucky creator Don Mancini is expected to bring the Child’s Play franchise to the small screen for the first time later this year, but before that happens, MGM is also rebooting the franchise on the big screen… without Mancini’s involvement. This new version of Child’s Play is directed by Lars Klevberg (who also did the still unreleased Polaroid) and it stars Aubrey Plaza as a mother who brings home a new toy for her son’s birthday only to find that it is… well, evil. In this case, Chucky (or “Buddi”) is more of a high tech robotic plaything than a possessed doll, but for the most part the basic premise remains the same. It looks like they are keeping things more serious than comedic, which is what the last couple of direct-to-video Chucky movies have done as well, and no doubt fans will still be torn over the fact that this project does not have Mancini’s blessing. Child’s Play is written by video game scribe Tyler Burton Smith (Quantum Break, Sleeping Dogs) and it hits theatres on June 21st; check out the first trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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New to Theatres This Weekend: Cold Pursuit, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, The Prodigy


The first handful of February releases in theatres will look to reinvigorate the box office this weekend after a slow January with The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part leading the way. The animated sequel should easily knock Glass out of first place but it will be interesting to see how it does compared to the first Lego Movie which opened with $69 million back in 2014. Other major releases include the Liam Neeson revenge thriller Cold Pursuit, the Taylor Schilling-fronted horror flick The Prodigy and romantic comedy What Men Want starring Taraji P. Henson and Tracy Morgan. In select theatres, we also have Asghar Farhadi’s latest film Everybody Knows starring Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem plus the female MMA action movie Chokehold. What will you be watching this weekend?

Shaft Trailer Starring Samuel L. Jackson and Jessie T. Usher


Although last year’s Superfly remake mostly went unnoticed, Warner Brothers is hoping to have a bit more success with their revival of the blaxploitation classic Shaft this summer. Like most reboots these days, it’s actually a sequel that fully acknowledges all of its predecessors with both Samuel L. Jackson and Richard Roundtree appearing in much more than just cameos. In fact, based on the first trailer, it seems like Samuel L. Jackson is almost the main focus of the movie as opposed to Jessie T. Usher, who plays his son John Shaft Jr. aka JJ. Either way, this is a clever way to bring the character into the modern world while also maintaining Shaft as the total badass that he always was. Shaft is directed by Tim Story (Ride Along, Fantastic Four) and hits theatres on June 14th; check out the first trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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World War Z Sequel Reportedly Cancelled by Paramount


It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had any official announcements about the sequel to World War Z, the large scale zombie movie that ended up being a big hit for Paramount back in 2013 despite a troubled production with extensive reshoots. By all accounts, things were still moving forward and David Fincher was attached to direct, but the project had been pushed back due to his commitments to the Netflix series Mindhunter. That being said, I think that deep down we all knew a David Fincher-directed World War Z sequel was never actually going to happen and now this week we are hearing that the movie is, in fact, dead. Surprisingly, it was not Fincher who decided to walk away but rather the studio who simply did not have enough confidence to give it a greenlight. Hit the jump to find out what we know.

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Vanity Fair Picks the 25 Most Influential Movie Scenes of the Last 25 Years


To commemorate the 25th edition of their annual Hollywood Issue, Vanity Fair’s team of film critics have assembled a pretty fascinating list that is sure to spark discussion among film fans. The article is called “25 Scenes, 25 Years: The 25 Most Influential Movie Scenes of the Past 25 Years” and the goal was to select some of the most iconic big screen sequences in recent memory that “changed the industry, the art form, and even the culture.” Obviously that is a pretty tall order, but there are some picks we can probably all agree on such as The Matrix‘s bullet dodge sequence, the Omaha Beach scene in Saving Private Ryan, and Marvel’s first post-credit stinger, all of which have had plenty of attempted copycats. Quite a few of these have also been spoofed in some form or another, which is a pretty good indicator as to how culturally relevant they are, but I would argue that some are more memorable moments than they are genuinely influential. What do you think of their choices? You can check out the full list below but I recommend reading the original article which comes complete with video clips, critical analysis and interviews with some of the actors and filmmakers who made them happen.

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Film Junk Premium Podcast #70: Jackie Chan


“You can’t spend the rest of your life beating up people and robbing them. Why lower yourself? Don’t you know you are the scum of society?” With the 4K remaster of Police Story 1 and 2 currently making the rounds in rep cinemas, it was finally time for us to dive into the filmography of the legendary Jackie Chan. Special guest Reed Farrington joins us as we cover the 1978 classic Drunken Master and the first four Police Story movies plus the ’90s film that helped him break into the U.S. market: Rumble in the Bronx. There is plenty to discuss including the many different cuts of these movies, dubbing vs. subbing, the subtleties of scatalogical humour, his feisty female co-stars and the influence of Chan on American action movies. So what is the most impressive stunt of Jackie Chan’s career? Does he really perform them all himself? Is Frank completely immune to Chan’s charm? Can Reed crush a walnut with his bare hands? Don’t let the situation change you… change it and download this month’s premium podcast below.

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FX’s What We Do in the Shadows TV Series Full Trailer


A few months ago, FX released a few short teasers for their upcoming What We Do in the Shadows TV series, based on the 2014 vampire mockumentary film written and directed by Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. With the show now set to arrive next month, they have followed that up with a full trailer. This looks to be a loose remake of the movie in episodic form with a brand new cast, but it is also set in Staten Island as opposed to Wellington. That being said, it still looks very funny and Clement and Waititi remain involved creatively although it is not entirely clear to what extent. What We Do in the Shadows stars Kayvan Novak, Matt Berry, and Natasia Demetriou and it premieres on FX on March 27th; check out the trailer below and let us know what you think.

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Leigh Whannell to Write and Possibly Direct Escape from New York Remake


Following up on last week’s announcement that Leigh Whannell will be directing a new version of The Invisible Man for Universal, late last week news broke about a second major project in the works for Whannell. Much like The Invisible Man, it is a remake project that he is inheriting from someone else, although this one has been floating around for quite a bit longer. We are hearing that he will write a remake of John Carpenter’s Escape from New York and there is a chance that he could direct it as well. Clearly the low budget ingenuity he displayed with the sci-fi thriller Upgrade is paying off. Hit the jump for more info.

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Super Bowl Trailers: Avengers: Endgame, The Twilight Zone, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark


Last night’s Super Bowl wasn’t particularly thrilling in terms of either the game or the commercials, but there were at least a few new trailers that had people talking. Marvel dropped a new TV spot for Avengers: Endgame that hinted at a Leftovers-style aftermath from the previous film and they also had a new 30 second trailer for Captain Marvel. Netflix unveiled a new documentary series from the makers of Planet Earth called Our Planet, Pixar showed off a new tease for Toy Story 4 and CBS Films gave our first taste of the upcoming Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark movie produced by G Del T. Perhaps the most interesting, however, although it didn’t show anything from the actual show was Jordan Peele’s commercial for The Twilight Zone. What was your favourite Super Bowl ad? Check out all the new trailers after the jump and let us know what you think.

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Monday Morning Box Office Report: Glass Tops Super Slow Super Bowl Weekend


Between the dearth of new releases and the Super Bowl happening on Sunday it was one of the slowest moviegoing weekends in quite some time. The top 12 films earned just $55.4 million combined and Glass came out on top for the third week in a row with a mere $9.5 million. The M. Night film has almost earned $200 million worldwide but it won’t be staying at #1 for much longer. The Upside remained in second place while the Gina Rodriguez action-thriller Miss Bala debuted in third with a pretty disappointing $6.7 million. Aquaman and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse rounded out the top 5, the latter of which has slowly passed the Hotel Transylvania films to become Sony Animation’s highest grossing film of all time domestically. The lack of competition also allowed Peter Jackson’s WWI documentary They Shall Not Grow Old to sneak into the top 10 after expanding to over 700 screens.

1. Glass — $9.5M
2. The Upside — $8.9M
3. Miss Bala — $6.7M
4. Aquaman — $4.8M
5. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse — $4.4M
6. Green Book — $4.3M
7. The Kid Who Would Be King — $4.2M
8. A Dog’s Way Home — $3.5M
9. Escape Room — $2.9M
10. They Shall Not Grow Old — $2.4M