Film Junk Podcast Episode #658: The Avengers: Infinity War


0:00 – Intro
18:30 – Review: The Avengers: Infinity War
43:15 – Other Stuff We Watched: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Man on Fire, Crossfit Movies, Gods of Egypt, The Titan, The Week Of, Ready Player One, Pacific Rim Uprising, The Devil and Father Amorth
1:03:55 – Outro
1:10:45 – Spoiler Discussion: The Avengers: Infinity War

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  • Tim

    I don’t like Frankie throwing shade on young Solo. He’s young, he’s not as cool! But he meets cooler people, like Lando, who has capes! And I’ll say it again, Chewie straight-up murders a dude in the last trailer with a 180 arc pick-up from feet-on-ground to head hitting ground and a crunch sound! This seems more creative and within the original universe than TFA, TLJ, or RO by far.

    p.s. Marvel movies are disastrous trash, Batman Returns and Spiderman 2 have actual auteur attributes. While I love Arrested Development, these two “directing” Winter Soldier- not so much with an independent vision. Kind of cookie cutter.

  • tim

    Yes, you’re right… millions of people literally buying into this soap opera garbage. There’s better things to spend your time on. #gothanosgo

  • Beat_C

    poor gwyneth has had some more plastic surgery.

  • Beat_C

    i don’t know why anyone would compare the movies. do they have anything in common?

  • reeds hairy butt is god

    Ghost – Rats (Official Music Video)
    directed by Jay Cheel

    is jerrys dick big or whu??

  • Jameson

    I hope we’re getting back-to-back Greg/Dax action for Deadpool 2 and Solo!

  • Dinobot2

    He can complain about whatever he wants. We all know he hates the Marvel films. I just wish he would come right out and say it. When he shits all over a movie and gives it a score that doesn’t mirror the review, I get the impression that hr does it so he can point to it and say “but I gave it a good score, see? So i don’t hate the movie! I’m not a snob I swear! Now shut up while I only discuss the things about the movie that I despise!”

  • Jake

    Sean did say they would be making a few more appearances over the next few months so hopefully!

  • Balls

    I’m offended that you think my useless information only applies to comics.

  • Balls

    It makes Frank laugh, so you’ll have to deal with it.

  • Kevin Cardoza

    I suspect Refn to be playing a character in this interview. I don’t know for certain, but in Refn’s interviews and the documentary he seems to have the exact opposite personality – someone who is always unhappy about how his work turned out.

  • avclub69

    How can you trust a man that microwaves his salads though…

  • Dirk Gently

    Neither are very good?

  • Dirk Gently

    Probably started using some of the ‘products’ that she peddles. Those will almost certainly bring out the Gary Busey in even the hottest starlet.

  • Vigo the Despised

    That’s kinda surprising since Jay interrupts Sean all the time! Did he shush Dax then go on to interrupt Sean halfway through his thoughts on the subject?

  • Vigo the Despised

    Who is the one man? Jay?

  • Vigo the Despised

    who hurt you?

  • Vigo the Despised

    What do you mean he knows nothing about them? He goes and watches the damn things, what more do you want from him?

  • Vigo the Despised

    Because they’re all friends and like to discuss movies together? You’re taking this very seriously. Perhaps you shouldn’t.

  • benvernel

    I disagree and think it’s pretty fucking entitled to level this sort of lame feedback at a free podcast. I thought it was a great episode, and tended to agree with most of Jay’s points, negative and positive. I also liked the other content of the ep and appreciated Greg and Dax’ appearances too.

  • benvernel

    You seem like an asshole.

  • benvernel

    You bring absolutely nothing to the table. Make your own podcast and see how you feel when people justifiably rip you apart for being an unlikable idiot.

  • newtaurus

    Waitasec, your name is Optimus_Pigg and I’M a dweeb? You guys need to work on your insults.

  • newtaurus

    I only said (what feels like) a dozen times that every time a comic book question comes up he says “I never read that one.” I don’t know what’s not getting through to you folks on that one.

  • newtaurus

    Actually I wasn’t taking it seriously until some clown named Brian.m decided to put words in my mouth. It’s actually quite insulting to me to insinuate that I would think someone’s opinion is “invalid”, especially when I said no such thing.

  • newtaurus

    That was clever. Did you think of that one yourself or did someone help you with it?

  • newtaurus

    Funny, I did bring up some points about the podcast as well as discuss Sean’s question about Marvel overtaking Star Wars in pop culture but clearly no one gave a s*** about that, including you. Kinda weird that on FILM Junk no one wants to discuss the relevance of Star Wars. Guess to you that qualifies as not bringing anything to the table.

    Speaking of bringing nothing to the table, all you have is a bunch of worthless insults predicated on the fact that I said something you didn’t like. Grow the f*** up. This is how 12-year-olds behave. I bring up points from the podcast and no one cares. I say negative comments about Dax (which I’ve already admitted could’ve been handled much, much better) and I’m still getting s*** about it four days later. What a hypocrite.

  • Vigo the Despised

    But the show is about the movie not the comic books. He doesn’t need to be an expert in the comics to review the movie

  • Vigo the Despised

    What if you get free shit, will you open it and talk about it on the show

  • gibson8

    He’s an expert in nothing except his art which is undeniably impressive but (having had this conversation before) a lack of knowledge doesn’t bother the majority of the contributors down here in the comments.

  • Tommy Jackson

    and it payed off! He’s suited to the role.. he looks menacing.. There was definetly more cheap cgi used in earlier clips of Thanos from the other films. Atleast we feel like we are looking at real character..

  • milan

    i don’t know why, but it popped into my mind watching it (probably when the movie was jumping between different parts of the galaxy kinda similar to INTERSTELAR)… not comparing them directly of course!

  • gibson8

    Dax – Excellent work during the spoiler discussion but Stephen and Steven are the version you know. Stefan or Stephan is the other pronunciation.
    Frank – total lack of attention to detail but at least you didn’t argue black was white for a change.
    Jay – you hate these movies don’t you?

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