Damon Lindelof to Write and Produce Blumhouse Thriller The Hunt


Although Damon Lindelof is already hard at work following up The Leftovers with a Watchmen TV series for HBO, we are hearing this week that he is setting up a new project on the big screen as well. What’s more, the project will be a collaboration with Jason Blum, who is continuing to take chances on some of the most interesting genre work out there right now. The movie is called The Hunt and although plot specifics are being kept under wraps it will supposedly comment on the current political climate in America by “elevating the current conflict between right and left wings to a more extreme, and violent, level.” Hit the jump to find out what else we know.

According to THR, Damon Lindelof will co-write and produce an action-thriller called The Hunt for Blumhouse and Universal Pictures, who acquired the pitch in a competitive situation. The movie will be directed by Craig Zobel (Z for Zachariah, Compliance) and co-written by Nick Cuse, the son of Lost co-producer Carlton Cuse. Zobel and Cuse previously worked with Lindelof on The Leftovers.

From the basic premise, it sounds like this will be another politically charged thriller from Blumhouse not unlike Get Out and The Purge, although it also vaguely sounds like it could be an episode of Black Mirror. Clearly a lot of interesting filmmakers want to work with Blumhouse right now and it probably doesn’t hurt that Get Out earned a handful of Oscar nominations (including a Best Original Screenplay win for Jordan Peele). Lindelof’s recent screenplay work has resulted in divisive movies like Tomorrowland, Star Trek: Into Darkness and Prometheus. Are you looking forward to The Hunt?

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