New to Theatres This Weekend: Annihilation, Game Night, Every Day


Black Panther will continue its reign atop the box office this weekend while a handful of new releases will try their best to avoid getting lost in the shuffle. The R-rated Jason Bateman / Rachel McAdams comedy Game Night is the biggest of the bunch; on the other hand, Alex Garland’s sci-fi thriller Annihilation seems to be generating strong reviews and positive buzz even though it is expected to challenge and confound mainstream viewers. Also in wide release we have the romantic drama Every Day which seems unlikely to make much of an impact despite being based on a best-selling book. In select theatres, look for the indie zombie flick The Cured starring Ellen Page, Hannah starring Charlotte Rampling and crime thriller Beast of Burden starring Daniel Radcliffe. What will you be watching this weekend?

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  • Nobody

    I have to put Annihilation behind Operation Red Sea this weekend. After the violent, macho, over-the-top military propaganda of Wolf Warrior 2, Operation Red Sea is a must-watch.

  • Dirk Gently

    New to Netlix this week, the movie that everyone seems to hate now…’Mute’. Didn’t have any problem with it myself. It was no ‘Moon’, but i thought it was entertaining enough.

  • Lori Cerny

    Game Night piques my interest solely because of Bateman.

  • Sam

    Its just not very good. It didn’t work for more as an engaging sci fi world, as a noir detective movie or whatever the hell Paul Rudd and Theroux side story was. Its not terrible, just not good. Would i give it a .5 star or 1 star like seems to be a pretty common response to the movie on Letterboxd? no. But no more than a 2/5

  • devolutionary

    I’ve been sick this week, so maybe I was in a cough-syrup daze but I liked it more than par. Some of the aggressive characters like (Cactus, uh?) Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux’s (Duck?) (barely recognized him) seemed tonally unbalanced though. Sam Rockwell’s mini-cameo was funny. Almost like Duncan Jones felt he needed to overcompensate with Skarsgard’s mute character. I like his performance a fair bit though. The noir-future Blade Runner trend was in full force though.