New to Theatres This Weekend: Black Panther, Early Man, Samson


After several weeks of mostly subpar releases, Marvel’s Black Panther is ready to tear up the box office over the President’s Day weekend. The movie is likely to top Deadpool‘s February opening weekend record and could very well end up being one of Marvel’s biggest openings to date. The weekend’s other two major releases are sure to get left in the dust with Aardman’s latest film Early Man hoping to bounce back from the disappointing performance of Shaun the Sheep and the Biblical epic Samson trying to pull in more devout viewers. In select theatres, we also have the Oscar-nominated Russian film Loveless, the Alex Ross Perry-scripted drama Nostalgia, Korean blockbuster Detective K: Secret of the Living Dead and Chinese buddy cop sequel Detective Chinatown 2. What will you be watching this weekend?

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  • Jameson

    Saw Black Panther last night and was a bit disappointed. This might still be the year of the 2-star movies!

  • Jake

    lol, what’s up with that pic? It looks like one of those wildlife cameras on nature reserves that get set off when something passes by…

  • Jonnie123

    This is the worst film I will see this year. I am absolutely certain of that. I’m baffled by the critical response to this dull, patronising and artificial piece of crap.