Solo: A Star Wars Story Full Teaser Trailer


As our first taste of Solo: A Star Wars Story, last night’s Super Bowl spot wasn’t horrible, but it also did not show very much in terms of story or major action sequences. This morning, Disney and Lucasfilm have followed that up with a longer teaser trailer that does a significantly better job of generating excitement for the film. I’m not entirely sold on Alden Ehrenreich in the lead role, but Donald Glover looks like a great Lando and having Chewie in the mix always helps. That being said, the question on a lot of people’s minds is probably still whether this is a backstory that really needs to be told. Solo: A Star Wars Story co-stars Emilia Clarke, Woody Harrelson, Paul Bettany, Thandie Newton and Phoebe Waller-Bridge and it hits theatres on May 25th. Check out the full trailer after the jump and let us know what you think.

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  • LordAwesome

    Looks like the biggest piece of dud casting since Orlando Bloom in Kingdom of Heaven/

  • bendoofus

    Bad idea from the off. They should do Darth maul. That’s an origin story id like to see

  • 1138sw

    Actually this does not look as bad as I thought it was gonna be…now that being said, Alden Ehrenreich seems really weird as Han. He seems totally way off as the character…voice, mannerisms way off. Now it’s only a few scenes so I shouldn’t be rash to judge…but man he seems way off!

    Like Glover as Lando though and Chewie looks great!

  • Lisa Naarseth Myklebust

    That wasn’t a bad casting though? I thought he did a good job (best in his career — though, tbh, that doesn’t say much), and that film in general was pretty great. One of Ridley’s best works.

  • Larry Morgan

    everything about this looks great except for the fact that it’s a han solo movie, you know?