Blumhouse Horror Anthology Series Coming to Hulu


Anthology TV shows are making a huge comeback as of late, thanks largely to the success of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror but also some recent genre anthology movies as well. In this case, we’re not talking about shows like American Horror Story or Fargo where each season is a new cast and story, we’re talking about the classic anthology format popularized by shows like The Twilight Zone, where each episode is completely standalone. The Twilight Zone itself is set to be revived with the help of Jordan Peele, while reboots of other shows like Tales from the Crypt and Amazing Stories are also in development. Now the highly successful purveyors of low budget horror Blumhouse Productions are getting into the game as well. Hit the jump for more info.

According to Variety, Hulu is teaming up with Blumhouse Television to bring an untitled horror anthology series to their slate of original programs. The show will consist of 12 self-contained stories but what is interesting is that instead of dropping all the episodes at once, they plan to release one per month and promote them all individually. The first episode is expected to premiere this October.

No creative team is attached as of yet, but this seems to make perfect sense for Blumhouse since they are already taking chances on young talent and unique ideas with their feature films. The Blumhouse name alone should be strong enough to sell this series. They also have a TV series in the works based on The Purge films while Hulu is already sort of dabbling in genre anthology stuff with the upcoming Stephen King-inspired series Castle Rock. Are you looking forward to a Blumhouse anthology series?

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  • onesixgg

    I don’t know about releasing an episode once a month. I have a feeling people will forget about it. Once a week or once every other week would be the better option. We’ll see.