Vin Diesel in Talks for Bloodshot Movie


Marvel and DC may soon have some comic book competition on the big screen courtesy of Sony Pictures and Valiant Entertainment. A few years ago, the companies announced a major deal to bring some of Valiant’s most popular characters to theatres as part of a five-film shared universe (Valiant supposedly has the third largest library of superheroes behind Marvel and DC). Now they seem to be close to getting the first of these movies off the ground and they are locking down a big name action star to headline it. Vin Diesel is reportedly in talks to play Bloodshot, an amnesiac super soldier enhanced by nanotechnology who eventually seeks retribution. Hit the jump to find out what else we know.

According to The Wrap, Vin Diesel is in talks to star in Sony’s Bloodshot, based on the Valiant comic. The project will find him reteaming with Fast & Furious producer Neal Moritz and it would be his first comic book role aside from providing the voice of Groot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Blur Studio creative director Dave Wilson is set to make this his directorial debut, following in the footsteps of his partner Tim Miller (Deadpool). Eric Heisserer (Arrival) wrote the screenplay.

It was originally reported that the first Valiant film would actually be Harbinger and that Bloodshot would be introduced as a villain in that movie. In that movie Bloodshot would act as a bounty hunter of sorts, rounding up telekinetic superhumans known as harbingers. Now it appears that the order of the releases may be changing, although the plan is still for all of the movies to build to their Harbinger Wars storyline. Do you think Vin Diesel will make a good Bloodshot?

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  • Flo Lieb

    Couldn’t they simply fuse this with Fast 9?