Mom and Dad Trailer Starring Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair


A few years back, the genre duo known as Neveldine/Taylor decided to branch off and start directing movies on their own with Brian Taylor taking on a Twisted Metal movie and Mark Neveldine doing a smaller horror movie called The Vatican Tapes. Ultimately the former didn’t work out, but now Brian Taylor is back with a crazy little thriller that seems very much in the vein of the Crank movies that they are best known for. Mom and Dad imagines a world where all parents suddenly go insane for an unknown reason and turn on their kids, attempting to kill them. With Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair headlining the film, clearly this looks like the best kind of VOD trash. Mom and Dad hits select theatres and VOD on Jan. 19th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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  • Brian.M

    I presume the parents are going crazy the world over because of some comet a la the machines in Maximum Overdrive?

  • Cinephallus

    Saw this at TIFF. Cage delivers.