Film Junk Podcast Episode #640: Star Wars: The Last Jedi


0:00 – Intro
16:35 – Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
58:00 – Headlines: Disney Officially Buys 21st Century Fox, Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek
1:19:00 – Other Stuff We Watched: Network, Polar Express, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, Christmas Specials, Mixed Nuts, The Manchurian Candidate (1962), Brigsby Bear, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Wishful Drinking, Hungry Hearts
1:54:45 – Junk Mail: Best Motorsport Movies, Reed’s Star Trek Room Update + Reed’s Oddest Purchases of the Year
2:03:55 – Outro
2:25:15 – Spoiler Discussion: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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  • I felt a great disturbance in the Film Junk, as if thousands of voices suddenly cried out for Dax, and were suddenly silenced.

  • Tommy

    Didn’t the first two eps of TP debut in a theatre?

  • bowenarrow

    Tarantino writing conversations for Star Trek….don’t you guys mean Khanversations?

  • pcch7

    YES. Jay said exactly what I thought, way too many conveniences in TLJ

  • Blake in Boston

    Here’s a great article detailing how Rian Johnson divorced this story from the traditional “rhyming” of previous Star Wars films, also Porgs rule.

    (Spoilers, obviously).

  • B.J.

    He was probably busy practising Jay´s terrifying Jack-Hack(©) routine.

  • Blake in Boston

    Also very happy to hear that Frank loved the GREEN milk scene as much as I did. Here’s yet another article putting into words why this scene was so damn awesome:

  • Newtman98

    Loved Greg’s digital mustache line

  • Nobody

    Yes, Cannes

  • LongSlog

    Is this the first Film Junk Star Wars review without him? Dax, please, call up Frankie and record the conversation for a Film Junk minisode 640-B feature.

  • Nobody

    FYI Reed – I didn’t recognize her when watching the movie, but the actress who played Rose’s sister is Veronica Ngo. She’s been in some Vietnamese martial arts movies like THE REBEL and CLASH (and apparently the CROUCHING TIGER sequel and the upcoming Will Smith movie BRIGHT). So if you were impressed by her before, now…

  • Bandit Manatee

    Im actually happy JJ is getting the chance to do IX now. I think he can try to give some more thematic coherence to all the stuff that was dropped from TFA.

    Remember how we were told that the saber from TFA called out to Rey and there was an entire flashback sequence when she touched the saber? Obviously Johnson wasn’t interested in exploring that element. Maybe JJ will tie up the loose ends? It is interesting that even though the saber was broken apart at the end of TLJ Rey still has the pieces when she is on the Falcon at the end.

  • Newtman98

    Regarding the very end scene of TLJ:

    Could that little kid be Rey’s brother? If her parents truly are nobody’s who traded her for junk, it would be possible that they had another kid who they traded to settle a gambling debt .

  • devolutionary

    It’s all about Rian Johnson’s contrivances for “his” impending trilogy.

  • bendoofus

    Greg’s right. Star trek 6 is by far the best one

  • Lori Cerny
  • devolutionary

    “Star Trek Gets Laid…Star Wars, I mean…”. Amazing Freudian title Reed, bravo!

  • Jameson

    The more I think about Last Jedi the more I like it. The action/cinematography was dope and I like the way Johnson was constantly subverting expectations and, in a sense, deconstructing the myth of Star Wars.

    It’s also funny that for all the issues with directors for other SW films not being in line with the Disney/Lucasfilm vision, this movie was a total Rian Johnson film.

  • Peter Harrison

    This is a great episode, with Reed in particular at his hilarious best, but I greatly missed Dax. I bet and hope he 6/5s TLJ.

  • Reed Farrington

    It’s the first one. Here is the actual jacket being modelled by ET:

  • Reed Farrington

    Thx for the info about Veronica Ngo. I think I own and watched Clash, but thought nothing of her. Rewatch time!

  • pcch7

    Dax will shoot a load during the throne room fight

  • B.J.

    Reed really seemed to blossom by way of not being intimidated by Jay´s physical presence. A real pleasure~
    Oh, and don´t be afraid of political corectness all the time! I have a feeling most Junkers are pretty fucking sick of the hysterical PC SJW totalitarian speech/thought police, so just speak freely like a free human being.

    (and you would be supporting Frankie, as he is the only one who dares to stand up to the CoPO from time to time)

  • wosko

    Heya Reed!

    Not only do I enjoy your appearances and conversations on the pods, but like you I also am a really big fan of Asian Cinema, as well as some of the beautiful female Asian stars…and I’m quite often agreeing with your favourite Asian celebrity crushes.

    I listened to the The Last Jedi pod last night and had a chuckle when you basically said the same thing about the female bomber character ‘Paige Tico’ (played by Veronica Ngo), as I had written a little review earlier that day on Letterboxd and basically listed her as one of the main things I really liked about the movie! ;)

    I don’t know anything about her, nor have I seen any of her other work, so am wanting to embark on a Veronica Ngo filmography sesh and am wondering if you know of her other work? If so, which films would you recommend I get stuck into first?

    Love what you bring to the podcasts Reed, you’re a gem in the rough!

    Cheers heaps,

  • wosko

    Hear! Hear!

  • Reed Farrington

    Thanks very much, Wosko! Hoochie mama, indeed. I only found out about Veronica through a comment by “Nobody” below. Looking at her Internet photos has removed the mystery about her.

    Unlike you, I did enjoy Rose’s perky character and she does get one of the best lines as mentioned in the podcast.

  • LordAwesome

    Reg and Reed need to replace Jay permanently!

  • Indianamcclain

    This is the first time I’ve ever disagreed with Studio Exec Frank.

  • user-287473788

    Reed was on point this episode

  • Mrespony

    I think the point of TLJ is that when your world is blown up, you don’t have to rebuild it exactly the way it used to be, and that’s probably a bad idea anyway. Everyone seemed to want the new characters introduced in TFA to be connected to the OT. It wasn’t enough that Kylo was Ben Solo, they wanted Rey to be a Kenobi or a Skywalker, they wanted Finn to be the son of Lando and Snoke to be Mace Windu. I’m glad TLJ blew all that up, at least for now. Unfortunately it’s going to be a a few years of youtube videos theorizing that Kylo/Ben lied to Rey about her parents and that Snoke really isn’t dead and that Porgs are a collective reincarnation of Palpatine.

  • Jake

    Definitely missed. They should get him on for the Junkies episode.

  • Peter Harrison

    That would be perfect! Sean, please put Invite Dax to the next show’ to the top of your to do list.

  • Matt Gaffney

    Reed without Jay was a mistake. #neveragain

  • Jake

    I completely missed the Crouching Tiger sequel. I remember hearing about it but had no idea it came out more than a year ago. Have you seen it Reed?

  • Stormtrooper cameo

    Reed was off the chain this episode and I loved it.

  • Film Gob

    Greg’s got some balls to point to imdb and cinemascore.

    Anyone can vote on imdb, while Cinemascore doesn’t have any data for Oscar level movies like La La Land, Nocturnal Animals or A Monster Calls.

    Why is the RT audience score for Last Jedi being dismissed? It’s not been a common problem but NOW it’s not to be trusted?

  • Flo Lieb

    I don’t think people wanted Rey to be a Kenobi/Skywalker from the get-go but The Force Awakens made a mystery out of her parentage, hinting at something (whatever that was supposed to be) that The Last Jedi (seemingly) discarded. Her being of Jedi royalty would at least explain her proficiency with the Force compared to make her a nobody who instantly can be apt at lightsaber fighting and mind manipulation.

  • reedaliciousXXX

    is jay secretly michael shannon? traveling the unknown universe…

  • Reed Farrington

    No, I haven’t seen the sequel, yet. Without Zhang Ziyi and Ang Lee involved, I don’t have an urgent need to see it.

  • Beat_C

    you have a feeling … right.

  • Beat_C

    i didn’t know reed was going ot be on this episode – great surprise! ????
    one thing: i didn’t understand your discussion regarding the french title for “dunkirk” at all. lots of cities have different names in different languages. or do you also think it’s not okay that “munich” was distributed in germany as “münchen”? maybe i just didn’t get what you were talking about.

  • Reed Farrington

    To be honest, I always thought place names were set by the place of origin, but I stupidly thought the English names were the standard. It is funny that Sean, Frank and Greg all seemed to think the way I did. Blame the Canadian educational system.

  • Sean

    My initial thought was that a place name for a movie title would be the same as a character name, something that doesn’t need translation. Then I realized that wasn’t true, but because Dunkirk was in France I thought that must be the actual French name already, thus not requiring a French translation. Again, wrong. We got there eventually. :)

  • Kishi Jugo

    There’s a strange tension in the Star Wars universe. The Force is built on the notion that the light and dark side are both essential to the nature of the universe. If that is so, then it really isn’t such a criminal thing to choose evil since darkness is as natural as light, and is ultimately a necessity to the proper function of the universe. However, since that logical conclusion will render any inherent drama in the stories DOA, the writers revert to the traditional Christian idea that evil is a monstrosity that only exists within the spirit or spirits of those who choose to do evil things, and at some point in time will be completely destroyed by goodness. If Rey really believed that balance was essential to the force, she wouldn’t call Ren a monster and a snake–the snake being the primeval symbol for the devil–but she would have to accept him as a necessary evil. Ren even sarcastically remarks at some point that one of the characters is trying to save his soul.

    Definitely some Twilight/Fifty Shades of Gray influence here with the sexual tension between Rey and Ren. Rey even has her werewolf Jacob in the form of Chewbacca.

  • Spoiler
    I either missed this in the spoiler review or not enough people are talking about about how Leia can fly through space now. What the fuck was that about?

  • Frankie Knuckles

    I assume … reverse force pull?

  • Dan Gordon
  • Mrespony

    Pretty sure she was pulling herself to the ship rather than “flying”. I didn’t find this anywhere near as distracting as Rey and Ren force texting through half the film.

  • Dirk Gently

    Is it possible we all misread that scene and it was Kylo that actually saved her using his force power? Need to watch it again.

  • Jameson

    Star Trek Gets Laid for Best Content of 2017.