It’s Official: Disney Acquires 21st Century Fox


After a few months of on and off negotiations, The Walt Disney Company has officially announced the acquisition of 21st Century Fox this morning. The deal was rumoured last month and all but confirmed a few days ago but now we have a press release to prove it. The acquisition will cost Disney $52.4 billion in stock (Fox’s assets are valued at $66.1 billion minus $13.7 billion in debt) and it includes 21st Century Fox’s film and television studios, cable entertainment networks and international TV businesses. Fox Broadcasting Co., Fox Sports, Fox News, Fox Television Stations and a handful of other assets will be spun off into a new company. Disney chairman-CEO Bob Iger has also extended his contract for another two years until the end of 2021 to help see it through. Iger had this to say about the announcement:

“The acquisition of this stellar collection of businesses from 21st Century Fox reflects the increasing consumer demand for a rich diversity of entertainment experiences that are more compelling, accessible and convenient than ever before… We’re honored and grateful that Rupert Murdoch has entrusted us with the future of businesses he spent a lifetime building, and we’re excited about this extraordinary opportunity to significantly increase our portfolio of well-loved franchises and branded content to greatly enhance our growing direct-to-consumer offerings. The deal will also substantially expand our international reach, allowing us to offer world-class storytelling and innovative distribution platforms to more consumers in key markets around the world.”

As we all know by now, this gives Disney the opportunity to bring the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Other entertainment properties that will be moving under Disney’s roof include Avatar, The Simpsons, FX Networks and National Geographic as well as Fox Searchlight and Fox 2000 plus the full rights to Star Wars: A New Hope. There was no mention of more R-rated franchises like Die Hard and Alien in the press release but they are also included. There’s no questioning the fact that this is an absolutely massive deal and is sure to have far reaching implications. Do you think this is good news or are you worried about Disney’s ever expanding influence?

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  • Colin

    Looking forward to the proper implementation of Alien Encounter at the Disney parks

  • Claudio

    i dont know. it’s both, terrifying and exciting. but one thing is for sure, marvel phase 4 is save and warners suits are crying in the corner.

  • Jake

    I wonder what will happen with the X-Men shared universe FOX was building (Deadpool 2, X-Force, Dark Phoenix, New Mutants). Also, Hugh Jackman had been saying that he would only return to Wolverine if it was for an Avengers movie but has now backtracked and said he is too old. I guess he never thought this could happen. The Fantastic Four for Marvel’s Phase 4 is now a no-brainier.

  • 1138sw

    Man crazy!!! These mergers are getting way out of hand!!! WTF happened to our Anti Trust laws???? I mean are these laws meant to be read not enforced? Sheeesh! Talk about a Oligarchy!

    But if there is a caveat, perhaps we’ll see a rebirth of the X-men after the Dark Phoenix movie? Perhaps the characters will finally be more in line with the comic books?? And maybe a FF that isn’t terrible. Maybe just maybe.

  • Jameson

    Disney is the Death Star right now and Warner Bros. is Alderaan.

  • yonato

    The acquisition has NOT been approved by authorities yet. Will probably take about 1-2 years.

  • Jake

    I think that is a given. Disney isn’t paying billions of dollars to just sit on those characters. I just really hope we get a Spider-Man / Deadpool team up movie.

  • Anthony

    I honestly hope they do nothing with X-men. Logan seemed like a great way to end the current X-men Fox mythology, so I’d love if Disney just kept the property doormat for a bit, at least until they have to reboot the MCU. I mean, i’m sure i’m being naive here, as money will always speak loudest.

  • Brian.M

    Thought the same thing re:phase 4. Marvel probably delighted. It widens the roadmap a bit.

  • Kishi Jugo

    And Die Hard. Do not forget Die Hard.

  • Kishi Jugo

    There is some sort of authority left in the world? How much do you think Disney would be willing to pay for this authority you speak of?

  • Colin

    I’m sure the Nakatomi Plaza-themed drop tower is gonna be huge… it’s what can finally replace the aging Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios.

  • Colin

    Once they back up the money trucks, Hugh will return

  • Indianamcclain

    I know you’re joking, but it sounds amazing.

  • yonato

    You mean bribes? Now that would be illegal, I’m suuure they would never do that.

  • Loren

    At least another Chinese company didn’t swoop up them up.

  • Kishi Jugo

    There’s no way. Disney’s illegal activities do not extend beyond the family friendly variety.