Ready Player One Trailer #2


Back in July we got our first taste of Steven Spielberg’s upcoming sci-fi movie Ready Player One, but now that the movie is just a few months away, Warner Brothers have released a brand new trailer that helps contextualize things a bit. Based on the book by Ernest Cline, the story revolves around a digital treasure hunt that takes place inside a virtual world called the OASIS (where participants also happen to enjoy recreating their favourite pop culture properties). This trailer feels like a slight improvement on the previous one because it shows us a bit more of the real world and offers something other than just wall-to-wall action. That being said, the CG characters inside the OASIS are looking pretty rough… let’s hope that stuff is still unfinished as opposed to being a deliberate artistic choice. Ready Player One hits theatres on March 30th; check out the trailer after the jump and see what you think.

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