Murder on the Orient Express Sequel Moving Forward


In this day and age, very few movies are made without the possibility of a sequel in mind. And if you saw Kenneth Branagh’s recent adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express, you’ll know that it is no exception. The end of the movie sets the stage for a potential follow-up by hinting at another well-known Hercule Poirot adventure, Death on the Nile. Now, thanks to the success of Orient Express, it appears that this project is indeed happening with Branagh expected to return. How long before we get Miss Marple involved and create an Agatha Christie Cinematic Universe?

According to THR, 20th Century Fox is moving forward with Death on the Nile, the next Hercule Poirot mystery that will serve as a follow-up to Murder on the Orient Express. Murder on the Orient Express has made $149 million so far on a $55 million budget and clearly they see it as something they can build on. Michael Green (Logan, Blade Runner 2049) will once again write the script and Kenneth Branagh is expected to return to direct and star although there is no deal in place for the latter.

Death on the Nile moves the action from a train to a riverboat travelling along the Nile River in Egypt and was previously adapted in 1978 by John Guillermin (The Towering Inferno). That movie featured Peter Ustinov in the lead role, who went on to play Poirot in several other movies including Evil Under the Sun and Appointment with Death. Are you excited to see Kenneth Branagh don that glorious moustache again?

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  • Skewed_View

    I’m definitely on board for seeing another movie with Branagh as Hercule Poirot. I thoroughly enjoyed his characterization.

  • Lior

    They are not inventing the wheel here. There was already a kind-of “Agatha Christie Universe” in film back in the late 70’s to late 80’s with Sir Peter Ustinov playing Poirot in three motion pictures and a bunch of TV movies. I’ve seen the movies a long time ago and can’t recall if there’s any continuity between them. Probably not very much since they are totally separate stories.