James Franco to Star in X-Men Spin-Off Multiple Man


With The New Mutants, Deadpool 2 and X-Men: Dark Phoenix all hitting theatres next year, Fox is gearing up to get the ball rolling on a new wave of X-Men spin-offs for 2019. We recently heard that Gore Verbinski is in talks to direct the Gambit solo movie starring Channing Tatum and now there appears to be another solo movie in the works, albeit one that focuses on a lesser known character. Jamie Madrox aka Multiple Man is a mutant with the ability to clone himself who briefly appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand. Now he is about to get his own movie with none other than James Franco set to play him on screen. Hit the jump for more details.

According to Deadline, James Franco is attached to play Multiple Man for 20th Century Fox in an upcoming standalone movie set in the X-Men Universe. Allan Heinberg (Wonder Woman) will write the script and Simon Kinberg is on board as a producer. It is unclear if the movie is being developed as a comedy, although the casting of Franco and the concept itself make it seem like a distinct possibility.

The article mentions that the project came about because Kinberg was also working with Franco on The Hardy Men, a long-gestating comedy that re-envisions teen detectives The Hardy Boys as adults. James Franco and his brother Dave are apparently looking to star in that project together. Either way, Multiple Man sounds like a pretty odd choice for an X-Men solo movie considering there are still many much bigger characters that haven’t been given a chance. Are you interested in seeing a Multiple Man movie?

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  • Glen

    In the future all movies will either be about super heroes or Star Wars.

  • Karl with a K

    They’ve got the horror X-men movie on the way so this probably is being developed as a comedy. I’m not opposed to them trying different genres within the X-men universe. But I would have preferred The Hardy Men when it was going to be Ben Stiller and Tom Cruise.

  • user-287473788

    The only thing worse than James Franco is multiple James Francos.

  • Bryan

    You mean in the present?

  • Balls

    100% agree on Stiller/Cruise – Hardy Men.

  • 1138sw

    I think at this point Fox just loves to mess around with the X-Men franchise…cause honestly it’s the only Marvel franchise other than Deadpool that is mildly working for them right now. FF is pretty dead in the water and Fox is looking to cast the same fate with the X-men. At least Logan went out with a bang. Still wish Marvel had all the rights to these characters.