Rotten Tomatoes Quietly Holding Back Justice League’s Tomatometer Score


Update: The RT score has been revealed to be 43%, although strangely it is still missing from the site (along with the actual reviews).

We love a good conspiracy theory here at Film Junk, but this one is interesting because it points to the growing influence of Rotten Tomatoes and how studios can potentially “game the system.” The review embargo for Justice League lifted early this morning, which means that reviews of the movie are now out and you can read them around the internet today. But if you head to Rotten Tomatoes right now in the hopes of getting a general consensus at a quick glance, you’ll notice that there are no reviews listed and no Tomatometer score either. What gives? Well apparently they are holding back the score until tomorrow, when it will be revealed live on their Rotten Tomatoes See It / Skip It show on Facebook tomorrow. But is this a sneaky strategy to protect certain movies from bad reviews or is it just a coincidence?

The Rotten Tomatoes See It / Skip It show was only recently launched on October 31st and one of the show’s regular features is a weekly “Tomatometer Score Reveal”. A previous episode featured the reveal for A Bad Moms Christmas as well, and each case the score is held back until the show airs on Thursday at 12:01 am. Considering that Justice League opens on Thursday, this means anyone pre-ordering tickets ahead of time on sites like Fandango won’t see a Tomatometer score there to potentially discourage them. It’s an extra day where people don’t have access to that single number to help decide if the movie is good or bad.

Another interesting wrinkle to this story is the fact that Warner Brothers also holds a minority stake in Rotten Tomatoes. It certainly seems a bit sketchy, although it’s not quite as bad as flat out cancelling press screenings altogether, which is something that many studios have done in the past when a movie is expected to get ripped apart by critics. Of course, there is still plenty of debate over whether Rotten Tomatoes really holds any impact on box office numbers at all; no correlation has ever been proven but Hollywood blamed the site for recent bombs like Baywatch and Transformers: The Last Knight. Do you think potential Justice League moviegoers could be swayed by bad reviews and do you think Rotten Tomatoes has been compromised?

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  • newtaurus

    Sounds like a cheap publicity stunt. The relevancy of RT has gotten completely out of control.

  • Good

    Rotten tomatoes is wrong! We should use a different site that counts movie reviews instead! That will change everything!

  • Tommy

    I’m back from seeing JL. I think it’s gonna be the straw that finally breaks Jay.

  • 1138sw

    really??? did you like it?

  • Lori Cerny

    Agreed. Tomatoes Schamatoes. I trust FJs reviews over any other site.