Kevin Spacey to Be Replaced by Christopher Plummer in All the Money in the World


If you thought the fallout from the Kevin Spacey scandal had already peaked with him being officially fired from House of Cards and Netflix shelving his upcoming film Gore, you’d be wrong. This week Sony has announced that they are making an unprecedented move to completely remove him from a movie that was already finished. Spacey plays oil tycoon J. Paul Getty in Ridley Scott’s upcoming kidnapping drama All the Money in the World, and although he isn’t one of the film’s leads, the general feeling was that his presence had doomed the film’s Oscar chances (it doesn’t help that he was featured in the trailer). Now Ridley Scott is attempting to salvage the film by reshooting his scenes with Christopher Plummer instead. Hit the jump for more info.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures and the cast and crew of All the Money in the World have unanimously agreed to reshoot all of Kevin Spacey’s scenes with Christopher Plummer replacing him. Although Spacey only worked eight to ten days on the film, some of the scenes will involve other actors including stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams. The film is not expected to be delayed and they are still aiming to hit the film’s release date of Dec. 22nd.

All the Money in the World already had to be pulled from the AFI Festival this month but at the time the studio made a statement reminding people that “a film is not the work of one person” and that “it would be a gross injustice to punish all of them for the wrongdoings of one supporting actor in the film.” Clearly Ridley Scott will be under a major time crunch here and the reshoots will require a significant investment of money (not to mention the cost of new marketing materials) so they must have high hopes for the film’s Oscar chances. It will be interesting to see if this massive effort pays off. Do you think this will redeem or even improve the film’s award chances?

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  • Jake

    Good move. I’m not sure if the film will get any Oscars, but removing Spacey should definitely help it’s chances. It is true that this is the work of many people, but the scandal would be all anyone would talk about if Spacey is still in the film. At least they are giving themselves a chance to get past that by cutting him. I’d be curious if his other film that is currently in post does the same thing. According to his IMDB, he has Billionaire Boys Club coming out next year. I’m not sure if the same thing would be possible, but you would think the filmmakers may consider it.

    Question now is, will we ever get to see the Spacey cut of All the Money in the World? Blu-Ray extra??

  • RockJoker

    Scandal Cut. Only on 4k BluRay.

  • Facebook User

    He looks like Albert Brooks in that pic.

  • I’m surprised you guys haven’t brought Spacey up for discussion on the show. Besides the obvious hell storm his scandal has kicked up, do you think Netflix shelves House of Cards completely? They could basically wipe all evidence of the show off the Earth.

  • Sean

    They’ve kind of already said they’ve got ideas for spinoffs they are working on so it’s just a question of how to transition to that. It is an interesting point though in terms of existing movies being tainted and whether one of these people will get not just removed from upcoming projects but completely erased from Hollywood history.