Disney Reportedly in Discussions to Purchase Parts of 20th Century Fox


There is some potentially huge news brewing in the entertainment industry this week as we are hearing that Disney has been exploring the possibility of purchasing key parts of 21st / 20th Century Fox. Disney has already essentially become an unstoppable behemoth with the acquisition of both Marvel and Lucasfilm over the past decade and now they are looking to swallow up one of the other so-called “Big 6″ studios that form their major competition. The deal would encompass the 20th Century Fox movie studio and TV production company but would not involve Fox News, the FOX broadcast network or Fox Sports due to antitrust restrictions. Surely it won’t be long now before Disney owns each and every one of our souls.

The news comes courtesy of CNBC, who report that 21st Century Fox has been holding talks with The Walt Disney Company to sell off their movie and TV studios although discussions are not currently happening at this very moment. Senior executives at Fox believe that the only way for their media properties to succeed is to scale up and they cannot achieve this themselves through acquisition of other properties. They also want to tighten their focus on their remaining news and sports assets to compete more effectively in those marketplaces. The terms of the deal and the potential price tag are currently unknown.

For Disney, it would be a huge win for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the acquisition of movie franchises like Alien, Predator, Planet of the Apes and Avatar, TV networks like FX and National Geographic, and international outlets that include Star and Sky. It would also bring several Marvel properties back under Disney control including the X-Men and Fantastic Four series and it would give Disney full ownership of the first six Star Wars movies (Fox still had control of the distribution rights). Of course, you have to wonder whether Disney is the right home for some of these properties and if it’s dangerous for them to become so big. Do you think a Disney acquisition of 20th Century Fox would be a good thing?

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  • Lori Cerny

    No, Sean, Disney is already too big. They want to make everything cutesy, dumbed-down for it to be accessible to children, and let’s not forget the Merchandising! Merchandising!


    Am officially boycotting anything they produce or own. Easy for me since I’ve no children or Star Wars films since the original triad. BUT, avoiding new Alien films is gonna be hard.

  • Kishi Jugo

    Can you imagine what kind of crazy dystopian world it’s going to be when Disney is the only media company left?

  • Anthony

    If this does happen, and Disney by extension acquires the rights to Xmen and Fantastic Four, I really hope they just do nothing with it, let it go doormat instead of trying to shoehorn them into the existing MCU like they did with Spiderman (and I really enjoyed Civil War and Homecoming). I know that’s a very naive view but the Xmen movies are just fucking drained at this point, and I’m convinced that a good Fantastic four movie is just an impossibility. So just bury it for the rest of this generation.