Film Junk Podcast Episode #631: Blade Runner 2049


0:00 – Intro
17:25 – Review: Blade Runner 2049
54:55 – Spoiler Discussion: Blade Runner 2049
1:59:45 – Headlines: Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer, Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer
2:29:10 – Other Stuff We Watched: Star Trek: Discovery, The Orville, Astro Zombies, Drive-In Massacre, Beyond the Darkness, Long Shot, SpaceCamp, The Milky Way, Chinatown
3:06:35 – Junk Mail: Best World-Building Movies, Reed’s Jake Gyllenhaal Prediction, Favourite Korean Movies, Turning Off Motion Smoothing on Other People’s TVs
3:30:50 – This Week on DVD and Blu-ray
3:32:10 – Outro

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  • Blake in Boston

    Who is this “she” that Reed keeps referring to? She sounds super sexy.

  • devolutionary

    In this context, I’ll bet “he” and “she” are merely social constructs and he’s actually referring to a holographic companion like in Blade Runner 2049 (or himself). That makes much more sense. ;)

  • Reed Farrington

    For legal reasons, the identity of “she” must be kept a mystery.

  • Reed Farrington

    That does make sense.

  • Charles Palentine

    Can some fine Film Junk listener list all of Jay’s suggestions for what Frank’s “P” stands for?

  • Lori Cerny

    Re: Rachel
    Here’s an article with in-depth info.

    In sum, a body double w/CGI-morphed face. The voice is a compilation of voice actresses’ and tonal samples from the first film. Super complex.

    I knew it wasn’t Sean Young, but damn, it/she looked pretty good. It would be how Deckard remembers her, anyway, so it was okay by me.

  • B.J.

    When Jay expertly referenced “EDGING” on this episode I was shocked at first and then suprised that it took him that long.
    ( warning to Jay: google “edging” + “prostate”. you might wanna rethink this.)

  • Lori Cerny

    Reed, I’ve seen The Man from Nowhere, at least thirty times now. It may be a perfect movie. Wish Bin Won would get back to acting.

  • kamenhaven

    A podcast episode about one of the most talked-about sci-fi films ever made preceded by a 15 min discussion about public urination. This is why I listen to Film Junk

  • kamenhaven


  • Evan

    I got a real strong Fabienne vibe from Joi. I started to wonder if K was going to come home to her watching a motorcycle movie.

  • Tommy

    Blade Runner spoiler discussion spoilers following:

    In regards to the AI girlfriend’s demise and the lack of emotion, I thought it was strange that nobody mentioned the part where he’s walking past her billboard. That’s where it’s all shown off. Especially when it’s addressing him by her pet name like it’s a stock response. The blatant nudity and coming on vs the restraint in his relationship, etc.

    Also, I thought it was clearly put out that Rachel was a secret model purposefully made to reproduce. It’s not magic or coincidence that she got pregnant. The reason Leto can’t make one is just because the recipe died with Tyrell.

  • frankw35

    This episode was a game-changer.

  • Karl with a K

    “Rogue Outlet”
    I’m picturing an 80s movie about a bunch of kids discovering a portal in the basement of an old outlet mall to another dimension, filled with all kinds of whacky animatronic creatures.

  • adam

    The date on the tree is meant to be a used the same as a date seen on a tombstone. The tree is the marker, the date the day Rachel died (and also a birthday)

  • adam

    meant to be used the same as… *

  • schizopolis

    The Yellow Sea needs more love. Same director as The Wailing and Chaser, but better than both.

  • pcch7

    Some spoilers

    I really liked BR 2049 but it doesn’t touch the original. There are 5 cuts of Blade Runner, not 7. The voice over really is shit, you can tell Ford wasn’t too happy about doing it. Just ruins all the beautiful subtle moments. I felt the music was the weakest point of the new one, not bad but it was mostly just loud and dark. Worked with the movie but it lacks the magic of Vangelis. I definitely think Gosling dies at the end, hence the tears in rain music which pretty much made me hard. Could have used more of the old music, something like Zhora’s death for when Gosling is drowning the bitch at the end would’ve been good. The heart beat and all

  • CarbonTax

    Had to FF through moronic nasal drivel from Reed. The worst. Interrupts with nothing to say. Ruins the flow, indeed. Also probably the worst story about public urination ever. Never Reed.

  • Newtman98

    Ah, Reed is the man.

  • Sean

    Been meaning to watch it…

  • Sean

    Hmm you could be right, I don’t remember that being explicitly stated. She was definitely the first but I think at the very least it is hinted that Rachael wouldn’t be the only one able to reproduce. That’s the whole point, right, that once the word gets out more replicants will be able to do it? Or at least, her offspring would I guess?

    Interesting point about Joi and the billboard as well.

  • Todd S. Gallows

    He was more annoying than ever in this review. Usually, I tolerate him, but this time around, I’m tempted to edit him out of it.

  • pcch7

    Agree about the first point and also that Rachel was special. Don’t know that she was made specifically to reproduce and I don’t think she was meant to get with Deckard specifically. “More human than human” as Tyrell says. She was an experiment and I guess it proved a success since she’s able to reproduce and seems to have a soul so to speak.

  • pcch7

    It was good to hear from Reed again

  • iammattz

    Alright so what do you all think would be some Film Junk “Game changers”? A few I thought of:
    – Jay goes digital download only. NOTE: Not a gamechanger if Sean or Frank do this.
    – Sean announces that he had brain surgery to remove “but uhhhh” from his vocabulary.
    – Frank reveals that he really has just been playing a character and gives in to his true alt-right nature, starts a sidepod called InfowarsJunk.
    – Reed answers a question about how he feels about something with his actual feelings and not a quotation from a critic.

  • This episode is a game changer

  • Craig

    I saw it on UK Netflix a few months back it’s great.

  • Jameson


    When the memory girl starts crying looking at Gosling’s memory, is that because she hadn’t felt it before (being her own memory) or that she feels bad he thinks this is his memory?

    Overall though loved the film.

  • Jameson

    Reed is a master torysteller.

  • Sean

    Open to interpretation I think. On initial viewing, I just thought it was because it was a sad memory and she could tell it actually happened to someone. But it could be any of those as well when you look at it in a different context.

  • pcch7

    I think the audience is meant to think it’s cause it’s sad, and then you get the other layers of it later on.

  • Colin

    The problem with 2049 vs. 2019 is that when 2019 borrowed, it borrowed ~primarily~ from non-science fiction sources — film noir, western, etc — and brought them into the science fiction genre. From there, it added in wholly unique sci-fi visuals and ideas that influenced 35 years of the genre.

    On the other hand, 2049 is a pastiche of sci-fi concepts born out the wake of 2019, adding nothing of uniqueness to the genre… here’s a list of things I felt were sampled (although I’m sure there’re more):

    – A.I.
    – Children of Men
    – City of Lost Children
    – Cowboy Bebop
    – Her
    – The Matrix
    – RoboCop
    – Upstream Color

  • devolutionary

    While there are nitpicks to be found in the movie, I found most of them to be just that. Instead of being a post-modernist sequel (which I think would be impossible to do originally nowadays), this movie side tangents into more of a comment on pseudo-modernism (how society behaves with technological advancements in a digital/synthetic world) or metamodernism (reassess the meaning of a post-modern society).
    -Didn’t love it (liked it a lot) immediately on first watch, but I’m strongly compelled to go back and see it again.

  • Ultimo Lee

    For korean films: i made a list of ones i’d recommend on letterboxd a couple of years ago

    From what i’ve watched in the last year or so
    Train To Busan
    Alice in Earnestland
    The Fake (animation)
    The King of Pigs (animation)
    The Berlin File
    Crying Fist
    Gangnam Blues
    Coin Locker Girl

    There’s so many. Here’s every south korean film i’ve seen

  • Reed Farrington

    Thx for the list, Ultimo! Unfortunately, given my penchant for only buying films in “bargain bins,” the only source I have now is the remaining local video rental store that occasionally gets rid of Asian films. The last Korean film I watched was The Attorney (2013), which I understand from Wikipedia is the 10th largest grossing film in South Korea.

  • Reed Farrington

    I never noticed that verbal utterance from Sean. You reminded me of Jason Katims doing commentary on his TV series Friday Night Lights. His repeated use of a certain phrase peeps use when explaining things drove me crazy. I know, this coming from someone who can’t speak in complete sentences.

  • Reed Farrington

    Sorry, I thought I was raising interesting points. I agree the urination story wasn’t as interesting as I thought it might be. Thankfully, I’m only on every 3 months or so to hang with my friends and appease my loyal cult following.

    But thx for the feedback! I need the constant reminder of my lack of appeal to keep my ego in check.

  • Reed Farrington

    Sorry. Thx for the feedback!

  • Reed Farrington

    I didn’t mind Ford’s narration. I thought Ford’s delivery fit well with the world-weary nature of Deckard’s character.

    Other peeps have mentioned how the music was better in the original. The only parts of Vangelis’ score that are memorable to me are at the beginning and the ending of the movie.

  • Reed Farrington

    I get the impression that Film Junk peeps like the non-film banter between us, so I usually try to bring something interesting to talk about.

  • Reed Farrington

    Nice! Glad to know there are other Film Junk fans who have the same taste as I do. I did not know that Bin Won hasn’t been acting for a while.

  • Reed Farrington

    Oh, cool! Good to know that the film is readily available.

  • Sean

    From now on Reed will be subjected to a pre-interview with one of our producers to approve all of his material ahead of time.

  • pcch7

    Nah we need that unruly Reed to ruffle some feathers

  • pcch7

    I do think there is a certain charm to having the voice over so I’m glad we have a version with it, but it cheapens the whole film for me so I’d never recommend it to anyone over the final cut. He really is just explaining everything that’s happening on screen.

    Fair enough, I think the whole Vangelis score has a magical/mystical quality to it that pulls me in, with several tracks that stand out. Like the opening prologue track, Blush Response, Rachael’s Song, Memories of Green, Blade Runner Blues, Zhora’s Retirement and Tears in Rain. But I can’t remember any of the tracks from 2049 despite seeing it a few days ago. I feel like I’m gonna like it better on a rewatch though, the speakers in the theatre sounded like they were about to blow

  • Maik

    Leave it to Reed to bring real fucking cinema to FanboyJunk by mentioning master director Luis Bunuel~~~~~
    (btw I never heard you talk about Mishima Yukio or Terayama Shuuji before. Two essential Asian artists, both absolutely amazing.)

  • Jake

    I like this idea, but only if the pre-interview is recorded and released for all to enjoy.

  • Jake

    Don’t pay any attention to the haters Reed, you’re great to listen to when you are on the show.

  • Reed Farrington

    I’ve never heard of those Asian artists. I need to expand my knowledge. Thx for bringing them up!

    I’m still waiting to find Godard in a “bargain bin.”