Film Junk Podcast Episode #630: American Made


0:00 – Intro
12:50 – Review: American Made
32:30 – Headlines: Annihilation Trailer, Avatar Young Cast Revealed, Men in Black Spinoff Still Coming in 2019
49:55 – What We Watched: La Femme Nikita, The Lego Ninjago Movie, Star Trek: Discovery, Mr. Mom
1:01:05 – Junk Mail: Best 3 Movie Streak Redux, Having a Movie Incorrectly Spoiled, Essential 4K Blurays, Awkward Sex Scenes in Movies, Guitar-Driven Scores
1:23:10 – Outro

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  • welyyt

    If Jay replaced Dave Grohl, I’d totally go to a Foo Fighters show.

  • MartyMcFlyJr

    Still no Kingsman review?

  • Now we need a review done in the Dave Grohl voice.

  • frankw35

    And speaking of the Avatar font, Frank,

  • Lori Cerny

    Any chance Greg will stop by next week? He could even, ya know, phone it in if he’s that busy.

  • devolutionary

    In a quid pro quo setting, Rick Astley has also staged separate renditions of “Everlong” which aren’t terrible. But their drummer basically serves as a temp track. Not even sure he knows the beat.

  • devolutionary

    BTW Sean, in lieu of the Stephen King premium, are you guys going to touch on “Gerald’s Game” next week? Maybe as a secondary pick?

  • Sean

    Possibly. Not sure about everyone else but I am still planning on watching it at some point.

  • Sean

    I haven’t talked to him in a while but I am assuming he’ll be back for Thor and Justice League next month.

  • Sean

    Yeah it kind of seems like we’re skipping this one for now, at least until it hits DVD or VOD. Sorry!

  • Adam

    Sean, having read Annihilation let me give you the heads up, this trailer is selling you Predator and unless the script drastically changed from the book (which to be fair could be the case) this ‘Predator with Portman’ tease aint gonna please.

  • TJ

    Hey Frank, I think I remember seeing that Hoverboard interview from a “making of” documentary about BttF2 on HBO when I was a kid, think that might be where you heard it?

  • Tommy

    The NZ doco was called Spookers. Did it get renamed for America?

  • Sean

    Oops you’re right, it’s actually a different doc with a similar title.

  • Lori Cerny


  • Lori Cerny

    Now, if someone can replace RG’s face with Frankie’s… That’d be the most awesome thing ever.

  • Larry Morgan

    Jay is a north american treasure

  • Larry Morgan

    Also, yes. So many great movies ruined by Domnhall Gleeson.

  • pcch7

    Loving the Dave Grohl impression

  • Brian.M

    Domnhall Gleeson is Irish, not British.

  • Beat_C

    thank you frank for calling out caleb landry jones. apart from the movies you mentioned, i had also seen him in “byzantium”, where he was once again the worst. just imagine him opposite saoirse ronan, LOL. it’s a bummer to hear he’s on “twin peaks”.

  • Beat_C

    yeah, frank immediately came to mind when they talked about this sketch on the slashfilmcast, haha. it’s actually strange he likes avatar so much, considering how gross this font is.

  • MrBlackened

    If Canadians can’t speak French, does that just make them more or less Americans, but just more boring and bland ? Whats the difference ? Btw, Domhnall is pronounced Donal, like D’oh-nall, or Donal if you can attempt that.

    There is a movie aptly called Frank, worth a watch if you think he can’t act, but hey Robert De Niro made a good living with no ability to act, so it goes.

  • Daniel Lindquist

    I’m late on this one – it was originally discussed on the TIFF episode. The Andre Agassi shoes that Frank has claimed he is constantly on the lookout for are the Air Tech Challenge, and they’re readily available on ebay and a number of other sellers. Frank is LYING. Jay – take note.

  • gibson8

    MrBlackened – Don’t waste you time with linguistic advice. The junkers couldn’t give a fuck about pronunciation (see Krampus debacle from a fre years ago). Frank would only disagree wih someone about somewthing in any case.

  • gibson8

    See my comment above Brian.M. (Pronuncation covers cultural differences and general knowledge).

  • gibson8

    That was amazing. All frontmen who play stadiums adopt that sort of delivery. It has to do with trying to fill the venue with their presence and the influence of their peers. Even quieter personas adopt a larger character in large venues e.g Radiohead, Muse.